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    Hello I called step2 and spoke to her therapist crying and she’s now speaking to them and putting her on step3 Which is for moderate to severe patients . She smashed up her room again this morning and was screaming and shouting. All because she couldn’t get her clothes on. In the end my sis in law came round and she got done and went to hers to give me a break. Its so hard
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    Step2 is run by cahms . Her cbt therapist apparently will only see her for 6 sessions 2/3 weeks apart. doesnt help when she’s been in her room since June
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    Thank you so much it means a lot , We do not no anyone else in this situation personally so it was good to find this site . Shame there isn’t a place parents can meet up and have a coffee x
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    Hi school have been useless and are pretty much blaming us for not going to school so much so they called the attendance officer in. she got denied by cahms as they said she wasn’t bad enough, so I went higher and she is now seeing step2 . Don’t have a clue why it’s once every 2/3 weeks. As her 1st one was last week and they just spoke about getting to know each other. She doesn’t leave the house at all and just sits on her iPod as apparently that’s what calms her down .
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    Hi my daughter has ocd around a year now and got diagnosed this year. Although we new she had it, she’s 13 , we paid for cbt last year while awaiting cahms . And she got so much better that she decided to stop going because she said it had stopped working. Even though we could see it had helped enormously . She has stopped going to school and they are being so unhelpful. We started step 2 last week and won’t be seen again for 2/3 weeks so instead of once a week it’ll be a longer wait. The ocd has come back really bad and nothing is helping. She’s had 8 months off school as she’s to anxious to go. She keeps saying she wants to kill herself it’s becoming overwhelming. Anyone else see this in their child? X