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  1. Thank you for your quick response and for that book recommendation I will look into getting it! 😊 Can you get these sorts of books from book shops or do you have to order online? I will weigh up my options and see what's best I do want help quickly so may have to go private. What route did you take please? Thank you for listening and your help and support. It's much appreciated. Leslie x
  2. Wow! Thank you so much for such a quick and informative response :-). I went through the doctors originally to get the EMDR help but tbh although my therapist was a lovely lady I didn't really find it helped at all as she did the rapid movement technique (moving her hand from side to side) then just kept saying "what are you getting?" As in what thoughts are coming to mind and to be honest sometimes I wasn't even getting any thoughts at all! Haha. It's not even necessary that my OCD is to do with the event anyway. I definitely think I will go down the CBT route. I might just look for a therapist in my area or go to a support group to start with. I'm not too fussed about the expense (even though I'm not made of money lol) as I really want to tackle this asap. Please can I just ask what you did to start out getting help? Thank you for listening and your help and support. Leslie x
  3. Hi, I am a checker and my main issue is leaving the house as I have to go round the house from top to bottom over and over again checking windows, taps, that the gas is off, that my cat is ok! (She's an indoor rescue cat you see) etc etc. I have had EMDR therapy in the past (about a year ago) as my therapist thought my OCD was down to a traumatic death in the family that happened in childhood and that kind of therapy is meant to be good in situations as such however after my course of 12 weeks I went back to my old ways. Now I am ready to face this head on again and wondered where people think the best place to start would be? (Self help, support group, go to GP, look for a CBT therapist myself, anything else?). Any suggestions and help is much appreciated. Leslie x