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  1. Thank you for your kind replies. It gives me some hope. What really worries me is that even if the psych prescribes another different med, which decreases her anxiety levels, the wait for CBT is over a year and I know that severe OCD is only treated successfully when both meds and therapy work in harmony. No OCD unit in Wales and I am concerned that the professionals do not have the necessary expertise in this area. If the NHS path proves futile, I am perfectly prepared to spend my savings in the private sector for intensive therapy at an OCD Centre in England, but where? Any recommendations? It has to be beneficial, as I can not afford to waste money.
  2. My daughter was diagnosed with OCD when she was she was a teenager and has been taking Seroxat 60mg for years. The OCD was managed quite successfully apart from some specific triggers.. She is now 35 years old. For the last six months she has complained that this SSRi was no longer effective and the instrusive thoughts were becoming much worse. She was also having problems with her partner and is now convinced that he has given her HIV and genital herpes. Things were so bad that her psychiatrist suggested that maybe Seroxat was not working as effectively as it should be. She endured 3 months of sheer hell with terrible side effects coming off the Seroxat and the new SSRi after 8 weeks is not working. She has now come back to live with us in a different health board and I am shocked by her deterioration, as we wait to see a new psych and mental health team. The OCD is in complete control, no relief from thoughts of HIV and genital herpes. She is distancing herself from us, staying in her bedroom for most of the day, refuses to leave house alone, constantly checking, can not engage with CBT as anxiety levels are too high and can not use any self help books. My husband can not cope, so I am her carer 24/7. 3 lives are being destoyed here and a family being ripped apart. We were so close, but she is in such turmoil that I can not reach her. She will not allow me to give her a hug or chat to her. I do not understand is all she says. I have never seen OCD with such power before and I don't know how to help her. Everything I do is wrong. I am so upset and exhausted. I am in my late sixties and retired and my husband has a heart condition. I really worry for the future. It needs professionals to take over, but so little help or expertise in our area of Wales. Can anyone identify with what I have written? Anything that works? It breaks my heart to see my daughter like this, I hardly recognise her and I so miss her bubbly laugh.
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