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  1. Evening Hal, thank you for your reply. She has tried CBT in the past but couldn't deal with the paperwork it came with during a crisis. The counselling was private and like I say went on for months and cost a fortune. Today has been a particular bad day all thanks to a mark at the local drive through Mcdonalds that she thought was blood, although we didnt interact with it or touch the mark I still ended up throwing the bag away but we all know this is never enough for OCD so ended up cleaning the car/showering etc.... all we do is end up arguing which I no doesn't help but she gets very nasty and of course I respond. I'm starting to lose hope and I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel. I need hope
  2. Hi all, This is my first time on this website. My partner has had OCD for a number of years but was very managable and under control until she fell pregnant. From that day on the fear of contracting a blood born disease from any mark in any environment was immense this could happen to up to 20 times a day and would result in me (her partner) carrying out the cleaning rituals and showering etc, this is mainly due to her total lack of confidence and fear of making things worse. We have tried counselling for months but seemed to be worse and didn't help. Also tried EMDR and hypnotherapy and no joy. We are exploring new form of treatment called BWRT but don't know that much about it. Medication seems to be making things worse as cause extra anxiety. (clomipramine) so we are coming off these to introduce something new. Any advice and tips would be much appreciated as sometimes really struggle to cope sometimes and really want her to tell well again. Thanks Pete
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