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  1. Hi, this has been eating at me for a few years now. For context, I am a virgin. A few years ago, I masturbated into my pants. Then I changed out of my pants and underwear and wiped my crotch area with some wet wipes. I put on a new pair of underwear, but I didn't shower. Around two hours later, I went shopping for new pants. Before I went to try on the pants, I spend 30 minutes in the store bathroom stall wiping my crotch, thighs, and legs with water and towels. I didn't want to get semen residue on pants I was going to try on. I ended up trying on 2 pairs of pants. I only purchased 1. Now I feel guilty that I didn't purchase the 2nd pair. Before I left, I examined the pair of pants I didn't buy and didn't see anything on it. I slapped the insides for good measure, to "dust" off anything that might have gotten on it. But what if I didn't clean all of my semen off? What if some was still on the new pair of underwear I changed into and it got onto the store's pants? What if someone else wore the pants with my semen on it? I regret not showering before I went to buy clothes. I feel really stupid for this, because this was all preventable. No matter what I do or achieve in life now, I always think back to this and am deeply ashamed. What if I got someone sick? I don't know what to do, I can function in front of other people but inside my mind keeps filling me with shame, regret, that nothing I do can make up for this.
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