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  1. When I have a fear sometimes it becomes obsession and then it becomes compulsions. Let me explain. For example I fear walking like a limp - I am afraid of it because when I walk like that I think I will look bizarre and people will mock me-. When I get afraid to walk like that and think about it a lot it becomes real. I mean I lost my control over my body and I really walk limp when I walk. It is like I feel numb and lost all my control over my walking. Or when I am afraid of looking a man like I am so interested like I like him, I really try so hard not to look and become shy. At the end they all understand me wrong. They think I really like them. My eyes made them rhink like that. But in truth I dont feel any affetion them I just become so obsessed to not to look like that What I am afraid literally happens to me. Does this kind of stuff happen to you too? I wander if it is a ocd semptom?
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