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  1. Hi there, I also suffer from this brand of OCD and the worst thing about it is that its not as common as the other forms of OCD - so finding other people with it is hard! The term for it is NJRE's (Not Just Right Experiences) and mine manifest in the obsession of physical items being 'perfect' and to keep things perfect from the point of ownership. Strangely, it only seems to apply itself to the things I personally own but it does sometimes attaches itself to things I buy for others (such as a console/electronics) for my daughter. I spend hours cleaning and re-cleaning items, validating to myself that a scratch or damage is not there and not happened. If something gets a scratch, even the tiniest blemish (and I do mean tiny, even invisible unless under UV light) the obsessions increases tenfold and I will go to extreme lengths to 'cure' it. This includes cleaning more, buying another (regardless of horrendous cost) or being really dishonest, like buying a new one and switching it with the 'damaged' one. Please let me know if you are still in the situation above (its an old post), if so I would love to talk to yourself and your husband. I battle this illness everyday and im sure we can exchange experiences and tips. All the best
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