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  1. Hi, thanks for your reply! I’ll definitely try but the problem is it’s not a permanent fix and I’ll have to deal with them again but even worse...thank you for your suggestion though!
  2. Recently my brain has been fixating on embarrassing memories from my past (years ago) that I’d rather forget. They enter my head and I focus on them, over and over every single day until it gets to a point that I cry often. I find them hard to talk about - which is the way I usually combat intrusive thoughts - because I’ll just embarrass myself, but they end up bothering me so intensely that I have to and I’m left feeling even more emotional because I’m practically mortified. The memories aren’t big deals in the SLIGHTEST, and can even be partly made up (!) but because my brain fixates, it wears me down as I get increasing irrational guilt for my mistakes. I’d really love and appreciate some advice if anyone’s experienced this same thing and for how you managed to get past them. I need some tips/advice for how to be mentally stronger and take control of it all to stop the thoughts before I end up thinking about them over and over for days on end. For reference, I’m a 16 year old girl. Thanks in advance!
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