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  1. Thank you that’s really helpful, bless you
  2. He’s only recently started to try and come terms with his PTSD, he has a away to go with that I think. His therapist asked him what he’s thinking / obsessing about prior but he didn’t feel like it was anything in particular, just the act itself. I didn’t know there are specialist centres, do you have any info on them I could pass on please? Thanks for replying, it’s good to be able to talk about it, I love him to bits and it’s pretty heartbreaking
  3. Hi thanks for getting back to me! My friend has had OCD for a really long time, combined with addiction problems and PTSD. He has been having CBT but doesn’t seem to getting much out of it atm. He is on a lot of medication. He’s been through some of the more classic OCD issues but this self harming is really disturbing him because he feels like he doesn’t understand why it’s happening. He’s not obsessing beforehand and isn’t getting any relief from it. Really worrying. All I’ve come up with is that perhaps the compulsive harming is releasing adrenaline so while he’s not getting emotional relief he might be getting a physiological buzz from it...
  4. Hi there, looking for information on how to support someone with harm compulsions, pretty bad self harm going on which isn’t providing any relief
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