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  1. Never been so hyper aware in my life 😂. Googling doesn’t solve anything, learnt the hard way on that! Have a good evening buddy, appreciate it.
  2. Thank you for your words equinoxygen, nice to see someone else that has struggled with the same issue/theme. I do understand how the chances are very small, just difficult to remind yourself sometimes when anxiety & emotion are involved as well. I know far to much about psychosis as it’s all I’ve researched since the fear started, which was a bad idea, as dr Google just brought more anxiety on! The worst articles that came to mind was one that said if you have ocd you are more likely to develop psychosis! I’ve cut down on a lot of symptom googling as found that whatever symptom came up online my ocd seem to give me. You’re definitely right on the accepting front as when I’ve told myself, maybe I do have it or there is a possibility I could get it & there’s nothing I could do to change that. I’m a lot calmer
  3. Hi, New here, just wanted to find out if anyone else is dealing with the same as me or similar. I get the intense fear of slipping into a delusion or I will hear an external voice in my head any moment, that brings lots of anxiety. It will get triggered if I think I see a shadow out the corner of my eye, or a flash or something weird in my vision. Also if I can make a face out of inanimate objects, whilst looking at a tree or bush or something silly like that. It can even be triggered if my inner monologue is chatty & I start to think what if I dissociate it one day as my own voice. So my ocd basically themes itself round losing control of my mind, not having a grip on reality. Or devolving schizophrenia. I would like to make very clear that I don’t have anything against people that do have schizophrenia or psychosis. Or that it should even be feared in any way.
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