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Help for my ocd

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  1. I know. I just picture their greasy hands touching my stuff and it irks me. I will work on getting it down. I can feel the grease on my hands. its going to take some time to get completely over it
  2. Thank you guys for replying. I am going to try some things. Just having you guys reply and realizing that this is not normal behavior has helped already. I obviously already knew it wasn't, but just hearing it from other people has helped. Other people live their lives and don't go crazy washing, I don't have to either. I have tried to reduce my washing from a infinite amount of times down to just a few. From there I will try to get a few times down to just one time. I have all ready started to feel more normal just washing a few times. I got my car back from my mechanic and only cleaned up my car for about 10 minutes as opposed to probably 30 minutes. I didn't feel like it was really dirty like I normally would. So I am going to keep working on things. Thanks guys.
  3. it doesn't feel normal to me. I don't want to get grease all over my stuff. I have heard of Cbt but I wouldn't even know where to begin.
  4. I am developing an ocd and I need help. If I can get advice id be really appreciative. Ok so I think it all started when me and my family were eating BBQ Chicken and corn on the cobb. With bbq chicken you get bbq grease on your hand and with corn on the cobb you get butter on your hand. So my hands were feeling really greasy so I go to wash them. My family didn't have anything on their hands and did not wash their hands. I said to them to wash their hands and they all said they were clean. So I started thinking its not possible that they are clean. They then started to pet our cats and touch things around the house. I started to think that there is no way they are not getting grease on things. Sure enough, as soon as I thought that the door handles and things around the house started feeling greasy to me. So now I begin washing my hands, all the time. If I touch something like a door knob I feel like I have grease on my hand and need to wash it. It got worse and worse and now I have to wash my hands like 10 times. Then it got to the point where I started using paper towel to touch the door knob every time I needed to leave the house. If I go to leave and accidently touch the knob I have to go back In to wash because I don't want to transfer the grease from my hand to my car. My family isn't dirty and its just 100% my issue but I don't know how to stop this. I feel bad acting like this because they are the normal ones and I feel like I am acting like they have coodies. I don't think they are dirty they are normal. It started at my house but has since gone into all public things. I think of what people touch and get grossed out. If I touch a gas pump it feels like I was exposed to toxic waste in my mind, I have to wash my hands like 25 times. Say I order fast food and touch the greasy bag. I am afraid the grease from the bag will touch my seat and then my hand touches the wheel. I then have to wash everything in my car. If I have to go into a store or gas station I try to wear long sleeves so that I can pull it over my hand and not touch the door, otherwise I have to wash my hands. Its gotten to the point where I am worried about little tiny crumbs because I think that the food residue will get on my stuff. I notice no one else worries about this. I used to be fine and got by just fine. Now I cant help notice these things. Its like if you look at 85% of peoples phones and see the greasy nasty screens, that's what im talking about. My screen is clean and everyone elses is greasy. That's how I know there is something to this. I just took my car in to the shop and the thought of a dirty mechanic touching my car w oil all over his hands is giving me ocd. So this is my story. I need help. It is over the top but does it make sense alittle to some people, or am I just going nuts with OCD? Any help that can get me to not care again would be greatly appreciated.
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