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  1. Thanks for the response Ashley. My worry is that my thought of "sacrificing this person" in particular has come true, because of these signs that the universe keeps to be giving me, as his name has popped up all the time when i am trying to prove it to not pop up.
  2. Thanks for the reply. The main guilt is around that the same name has popped up (Friend suggestion etc, First name from random draw.) when ive been specifally trying to prove it too not. It just feels like too much of a sign.
  3. I’ve always had the thought “I would sacrifice ______(a person) , for____________ (something to happen(such as a team win a football match)” that caused me a great deal amount of stress. I was feeling guilty about this one person in particular as (the something to happen) did happen. Anyway this name kept popping up in my life, and even so when i drew names out of hat his was the first name. I also got a facebook friend suggestion as a notification( ive never got a friend suggstion as a notification) with someone with the same name. I then even got a text message (defientally my first text from facebook) with another friend suggestion, this time a different person with the same name. I dont know what to do anymore, my life i've tried to prove these sacrifice thoughts wrong, but now it feels so real.
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