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  1. Hi, so I recently have been having these intrusive thoughts about my orientation. Anything really triggered it from just seeing a girl to anything that is considered feminine or any female genetalia. I have liked guys all my life and im in a 2 year relationship as of now and I love him so much but these thoughts are really distressing. I've been trying to do some self-help for a while now and have read up on Exposure therapy but I don't really know what to expose first. Seeing girls isn't as triggering anymore but even random words make me think it. And all this thinking started during the lockdown. It's really frustrating because I know i'm straight but my brain keeps telling me other wise. Like i'll be picturing something with m boyfirend (romantic or sexual) and my brain is like but what if it's with a girl so then I get all distressed because i know that's not what I want but i'm always like "what if". And i dont really know if that thought is like a "normal" intrusive thoughtt to have. I've read up on many books on how to try and observe the thoughts and let them happen but it's super distressing for me to kind of just let them happen. If anybody has any advice and just letting me know that what. If anybody has any advice that would be super helpful.
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