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  1. Does anyone else pull their eyelashes out?
  2. Today is just not a good day and I feel like I'm losing control over everything! I'm trying to convince and reassure myself that nothing is changing and that I'm not loosing anyone but my bad brain takes over!
  3. I dread them! I strated and got to about week 6 and then my therapist was needed during lockdown so I had to change. Im finding it hard to bond with my new one. Tomorrow will be week 7 I think. At the momeny I just feel its not working because I dont understand how it can work at the moment.
  4. Anyone else get anxious and worked up the night before therapy?
  5. The relationship with my therapist is what I'm finding really hard. I'm not sure if thats the way she needs to be or if its me taking things the wrong way, or if we just clash. I'm not too sure aboit what to do about that. Any ideas? How was yours?
  6. Anyone start therapy and got to a point where they were 'stuck'? So knowing what they had to do but finding it hard to put it in place? Finding it hard to get their head around the situation you're in? I'm on session 6 out of 20.
  7. Hi, I got diagnoised with OCD and Anxiety a year ago. Tried different types of medication and just gone back to one I've already been on. I've waited 9 months for therapy. Started therapy for 5 weeks then had to change therapists because of the Covid situation. I've just had my 6th session with my new therapist but I'm struggling to get along with her. But I don't know if this is more me and the barrier I have up or if she's not the right one for me. Today we were talking about my obsession and compulsions with plugs. I can't leave the house with anything switched on. I stand and look at the plugs, count to three while clicking my fingers and nodding my head. She said to me that by my session next week she would like me to leave the house without checking the plugs. I said that I think that step is too big. I'm almost 28 and I've been doing this for a long time so to suddenly change is a hard concept to get. And she kept questioning if I'm going to try it out not and I kept saying that of course I am because I want to get better however it's not that easy and she said it's simple, I just have to do it. I said I need to know the steps in order to get to that point and she said there are no steps, you just have to do it. This has made me feel really uncomfortable and I don't know if this is what therapy is meant to be like or not. I feel really stuck right now in processing each session emotionally and mentally and trying to accept this is me right now. Thank you for reading.
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