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  1. Thanks for your post, Darwinia. I'm sorry I have only just picked this up, the links are really useful, and may well explain why things worsened with the onset of exams. And have again with the worsening of covid restrictions. It's good to hear from someone who has first hand experience of what my daughter is going through, particularly as her teachers and CAMHS counsellor don't quite get it. The article on Moral Scrupulosity describes her so well, and will hopefully give her some help in communicating her fears over accidental plagiarism (and yes, she is the last person who will ever plagiarise !!). I think it will help for us to also formulate together a 'mental health first aid' plan for when things get tough - there may well be no exams now this summer, but there will be other stressors, no doubt. Thanks again 🙂
  2. Thanks for your reply Gemma. It has been a difficult weekend - she did manage to bring up her fears regarding accidental plagiarism during her session with CAMHS, but came out in despair as her counsellor 'just didn't get it'. She struggles to talk about any of the issues related to OCD with anyone, so it may be that she wasn't clear in expressing her concerns. I think we need to go back to school and hope that they can feed into CAMHS as fellow professionals. All the other improvements we have seen seem to be unravelling as we are now only days away from her first exam, I guess this is to be expected.
  3. My 17 year old daughter has been under CAMHS since the summer for OCD, and we have seen an improvement in time spent hand washing and showering since she has started CBT. However, she is still crippled by the thought her clothes etc may be contaminated ( I regularly find myself washing clean clothing that has been dropped on the floor / has brushed up against somebody before being put on ), or that she may be eating something that may contain allergens that would trigger anaphylaxis in someone else. Now that her prelim exams are round the corner, there is also the fear of accidental plagiarism. She understands the course material but her answers no longer make sense, as she is so busy trying to put them into her own words - even changing appropriate terminology. Both my daughter and I have spoken to her teachers and one of the deputy heads who moderates for an exam board, but nothing can overcome her fear of writing something that could somehow be construed as plagiarism. She has refused to use study guides, revision websites and even her school course notes, as she worries that she won't remember where the information came from and whether she had converted it into her own words. Does anyone have any experience of this - my daughter tells CAMHS that everything is ok at school so they don't appreciate how big a stress this is to her. Will the CBT be applicable to all aspects of her OCD or is there likely to be a difference to the approach for contamination and for fear of plagiarism. Thanks.
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