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  1. Thanks for the advice everyone it seems that going back to the GO and mentioning it might be the best approach he didn't seem dismissive or anything just more focused on the symptoms and he admitted himself he wasn't certain that's why he referred me straightaway. I think I will be much better able to articulate how I am getting intrusive thoughts leading to the anxiety now and the various compulsions I do in response now.
  2. I'm currently a bit stuck and not sure what to do next. I first went to my gp around a month ago after I suddenly started having problems around Christmas. However I didn't know it was OCD at that point though my research and some other developments since suggests it very likely is. The GP didn't recognize OCD probably partially due to the intrusive thoughts being around existential themes instead of more stereotypical ones and I also didn't really mention the compulsions as I didn't recognize them as such yet. I was referred to the local mental health service and had a call with a mental
  3. Thank you for the help both of you. I will try it. Though I'm not sure if its just me but the supporting someone with ocd page seems to be broken I get a page not found.
  4. 2 months ago I began having constant intrusive thoughts primarily about existential themes/ inevitably of death. I am 23 years old and living with my parents and whilst I have had some problems with anxiety in the past nothing like this. I am currently going through the nhs but am still waiting however it has been suggested I be referred to a CBT specialist for my intrusive thoughts my mental health nurse is on leave this week so it's not happened yet. My problem is even though they care and have been supportive my parents are unable to understand what I am going through. They complain that
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