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  1. Hi everyone, I was hoping to ask for some advice from the forum. I’m writing a novel in which the main character, a teenage girl, has to deal with many problems, while also struggling with undiagnosed OCD. I’m an as yet unpublished writer, so this may never actually be published – but my main concern right now is making it as strong a book as it can be, and I want to ensure I accurately and sensitively portray the realities of living with this condition. I don’t have OCD myself, but I do have anxiety and struggle with some intrusive thoughts when that flares up, though of course I realise at a vastly lower level than for sufferers of OCD. I feel immense sympathy and respect for anyone who lives with and copes with thoughts that are so frequently overwhelming. I would be very grateful to hear about anyone’s authentic experiences of living with OCD, especially relating to harm OCD, and what it feels like. I have some pre-prepared questions I would be happy to PM anyone who might be generous enough to get in touch, but I would equally be so grateful for any comments at all that anyone living through this would be happy to give. Thanks for reading and thank you in advance for any responses, Amie
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