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  1. I have really been struggling with something for three years now. I am Pure O and have Harm OCD. A few years ago I was in a situation where I was with some of my loved ones and I got what I believe to be an sexually intrusive thought and sudden panic over the thought. In my panic I don’t know if the intrusive thought actually occurred. My panic clouded the whole situation and I don’t have any actual memory of those moments. I keep trying to wrack my brain to remember anything and I just can’t. It is driving me crazy with worry, doubt and fear. I am told that I have to accept my uncertainty but I just have to know if I did anything bad to my loved ones. Does anyone have any advice??? Please??
  2. Hello I was hoping that someone could comment on this.... Out of no where I get these horrible, sexually intrusive thoughts and they cause me to panic. In panic mode, I worry that I actually did do the intrusive thought that popped into my mind. After the panic incident, I worry forever that I actually did do what the thought said I did. Panic and fear set in. I replay the situation over and over again in my mind, but can never get satisfaction that I did OR DIDNT do what the intrusive thought suggested. Any thoughts, anyone?? Please??
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