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  1. Hi, I've been getting increasingly concerned about my son's behaviour around personal hygiene and also some other mannerisms I've noticed. He was always quite an obsessive boy compared to his siblings when he was little, first Fireman Sam, then Spiderman, then Football, he was completely monogamous with each interest at the time and we thought it was cute and thought his dedication to be encouraging. These past two years though he's been spending progressively more or his time on personal hygiene, he came back from his first year at university and is spending at least two hours a day on washing himself, he has countless pots of cleaning products, moisturizers and other products I had no idea existed. He does his laundry and wants to wash his trousers after a single day's use, and handles his dirty clothes as if they were radioactive. He also gets through a packet of wet toilet paper wipes per day. I've asked him about all of these things and he does acknowledge that it's excessive (we've even discussed OCD), but he can't seem to stop. He is still able to work his part-time job and kept on top of his studies at uni, but if his personal hygiene obsession gets any worse it's going to impact. I also fear if we are able to get him off this personal hygiene obsession, he will just get obsessed with something else. What can I do to help him?
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