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  1. See this is what I don't understand. Whenever I say I think I have OXD about ,y height people try to diminish it. They tell me its paranoi or body dysmorphia, but then at the same time say that OCD can be about anything? Can you see how im confused?
  2. Don't laugh or just say its all in my head but for about 3 years now I've had an obsession with my height. I'm a 5ft 4 man who weighs about 10 stone so I am tiny but I just cannot stop thinking about it and 'seeing it everywhere I go. I try to rarely leave the house now and I try my best to stay off Reddit and other places but now I'm obsessed with whether I have OCD or not because I don't want the pain around my height to be realmif that makes sense
  3. Not sure I've painted an accurate picture of how obsessed with it I am. I can barely leave the house any more because I think and sometimes see tbf people laughing and smirking at me when I walk by. And that is just for starters
  4. It gets in the way of literally everything, which makes me wonder if its my OCD latching onto it and making it way worse than it needs to be
  5. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone else has their physical stature(height) as a constant obsession? I am a 5ft 4 man, so I am obviously very short and I think it does definitely come with issues and discrimination etc but I am completely obsessed with it as an issue. Every interaction I have with the outside world is constantly examined through the lens of being short-statured. I constantly Google heightism and go on reddit etc looking at other short mens experiences - mainly the negative ones to back up how I feel. I just can't work out if this is OCD or not as I do think there is a lot of evidence of heightism in modern society. Please offer your opinion etc
  6. Hi all, I'm going through therapy etc at the moment and I have pretty much been diagnosed with OCD by a psychologist. The only thing is my obsessions don't really fit the standard ones that seem to be discussed etc so I'm just wondering if I am in the wrong place? So I basically just want to know of your obsessions can be about literally anything. :)
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