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  1. Hoping for some help. My partner suffered a big relapse OCD (harm and contamination) wise about a year ago and it impacted how she was with me - backing away from the relationship, shutting me out. However; they let me back in as I supported them through the recovery. Since then I’ve noticed in moments of high stress (eg big formal occasions or hen dos) where she doesn’t want to let anyone down - the impact falls on us - Jokes about splitting up, talking about not wanting to settle and lots of comments and focus on my weight (which isn’t nice) - and sex is too awkward for them to engage with (combination of reduced libido from the medication, general feeling of being anxious and they get harmful or contamination thoughts during). Does it sound like her OCD is manifesting itself in us in the form of relationship OCd? I know from their friends they say they adore me but they aren’t showing it… and they also have had issues in past relationships with commitment. Thoughts and advice very welcome… Thank you!
  2. hi guys is it normal as the loved one to be shut out when a partners ocd gets severely bad? It’s early days for us but My partner has always spoken to me about their ocd. It hit point critical on a holiday when they would wake me up to check things at night with them. After that holiday I’ve been pretty much cut out to give them space. Any advice from other loved ones on how best to approach this as it has been three 2 weeks of space since the holiday. thanks!
  3. She is taking medication and having therapy, but these haven’t been working. And has tried the other two referenced - I guess I’m trying to work out is the best thing for me to give her space indefinitely or just give her time to get better?
  4. I have known about my girlfriends ocd since day 1 - and knew it was fairly severe - she has intrusive thoughts about harming others which is triggered when she sees certain objects and is tired or irritated. On top of this she has insomnia and her sleeping patterns have slipped back to going to bed as late as 8am; and waking up at 5pm. I could manage this but we recently went on holidays with their parents (she’s never met mine) and I started to be pushed away as the OCD became worst. Including comments about our relationship being too intense (although intensity was driven by her) etc. On the holiday she was getting minimal sleep as we had day time activities etc and she was asking me to check the property at night to ease compulsions. I knew it was the worst the ocd had ever been and when we got home she said she wanted space from me as the condition was too much and they were struggling to deal with it + the pressure of a relationship. ive suggested ending it three times in the last 2.5 weeks since getting back, and we aren’t speaking bar those conversations but she insists she wants space. as her partner what should I do in this situation? I don’t want to walk away but equally I don’t know if I’m the right thing for her st the moment and as such will end up giving space for a long time and she may never come back to me? is it normal for the partner to be pushed away? I know at one stage the harmful thoughts about me became out of control and she struggled to rationalise that she wouldn’t do or hadn’t done the things she was thinking about. also to flag her parents and brother spoke to me about the ocd on holiday and said it was really bad, the worst it had been and that they had also had periods of being shut out..: Any advice welcome. I just want her to get better!
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