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  1. Hi, Thank you all for reaching out and saying hello. I'm ok, thank you. I had a challenging day yesterday so feeling extremely relieved today. A bit like the steam has been from the pressure cooker 😊
  2. Hi Bendylouise, Many thanks for your kind reply and words of wisdom. Do you have any breathing techniques that you can recommend?
  3. I did it. I felt awful but I did it. Then on the way home the train was packed solid and the only seats available were next to the loo. Because my husband uses a walking stick, I couldn't expect him to stand, so I stayed strong & sat with my husband by the toilet. I did feel extremely overwhelmed and I still do. I've been home 2 and a half hours & I still can't switch off to go too sleep. My jaw is feeling really tight, this is a new extra symptom of anxiety for me.
  4. Many thanks for your reply. It is so helpful to feel heard. I have said to my husband on several occasions that he would be better off without me. Then he could do what he wants & not have to worry about me & my OCD. And selfishly I could then do what I want and not feel as though I'm holding him back. And therefore not continuously feel like I should always be doing more. I know my existence without the man I love who loves me in return would be an empty life. But would I feel freer from the OCD if I only had me to worry about & take into consideration?
  5. Hello, I have a concert to go too tomorrow in London. This means a walk to my train station, a 50 minute train journey and then a 10 minute taxi ride. And then being in a packed venue. These are all things I hate and I just don't see the point of going when I'm so happy at home, and I never feel as though anything is missing from my life when I'm at home doing things within "My Window Of Tolerance". So why the heck am I going to this concert I ask myself. I'm going to do something different with my husband. My husband has more of a need to do things than I do. So its a show that is a band he follows. You may ask why don't I stay at home and goes without me. This is because the situation planned for tomorrow is terrible for me, but hubby going without me would be 100 times worse for me mentally. I would just spend the whole time worrying about his safety and the cleaniness of things that I can't see. And I would then be overrun with these thoughts for at least a week after the event. It seems if I go to the concert or stay at home, I can't win either way. Any tips would be greatly received.
  6. I'm loving the pet photos. Patch trying to hide. Patch is seven, we rescued him in 5 November 2016. I feel without a pet in my life that depression would set in again. My furbabies have always helped to keep me grounded.
  7. Hello, how is everyone this evening?
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