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Trying too hard!

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Hi there,

I really thought i'd been making progress with my OCD and have been pushing myself recently to face some of my fears mainly with trying not to wash my hands so much and me using public toilets. One of the more debilitating fears that I have is a big fear of public toilets and a fear of catching Hep c. I have a 4 year old son and I feel really sad that I sometimes avoid going to places just the 2 of us in case he needs to use the toilet...I struggle using toilets myself and find it even more difficult taking my son.

Well today we got invited for dinner with some of the mums from school, so I thought damn you OCD, i'm going to go along. So we went, and my son was complaining of a bad belly. I thought oh no! So I took him to the toilet, and whilst I was covering the seat with loo roll, he went and stuck his hand in the sanitary bin!!!!!! I immediately went boiling hot, shouted at him for sticking his hands in there, he started hysterically crying asking for his Dad who wasnt there and I got so flustered! This has brought back a whole load of worries again now about contracting Hep C, worries that my sone has caught something from the waste in the bin.

I think I am going crazy and this illness is totally controlling and ruining my life!

Other people dont worry about stuff like this i'm sure. I am panicking now, so much.

Sorry but just needed to get it off my chest....my family don't understand me they think i'm a freak.


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