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Partners experiences of being with OCD sufferers romantic relationships

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Hi everyone 

I appreciate this may be a lot to ask, however I am conducting a research study into how partners experience problems in intimate relationships due to being with someone who suffers the symptoms of OCD (diagnosed or not diagnosed). The research study is only for partners who have experienced being with an OCD sufferer or who are with an OCD sufferer, everyone who is interested in taking part in the study must be over the age of 18 years old and not mind providing their gender. No information is shared everything will remain anonymous, a consent form, information sheet and debrief will be emailed to the participant before hand in which the consent form will have to be signed and emailed back to myself before enabling anyone to take part in the study. The research study aims to look at the experiences of partners to gain a better insight into what problems intimate relationships may face due to the symptoms of OCD and from this perhaps underpin the problems more clearly, the data collected is for research purposes only and will not go any further; participants can withdraw at any time without reason. I myself suffer symptoms of OCD and have been in OCD relationships and this is why I am interested in researching this for my thesis; if anyone is happy to share their experiences in a short questionnaire and does not mind taking part in my study please email burnsb2@uni.coventry.ac.uk and let me know. 

Thank you very much for your time 

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