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Ethan Wells

OCD IN FILM (Blue as the sky)

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HI Guys

My name is Ethan, I have been fortunate enough to start developing a film project loosely inspired by my life dealing with OCD on a daily, basis finding love and more. 

Please see a brief film synopsis below; A young man with severe OCD and intimacy issues falls for a free-spirited girl, however, his fears bring about a dark twist in his journey.

For the scripts we are really trying to gets across the OCD character the pain and suffering as realistic as possible, without making a mockery of the disability would you have any suggestions? Scenarios or just things that you are willing to share that would help us right the best and most accurate character for the film?  Would love your contribution every little help and you never know if we use any of your ideas we will definitely give you a big thank you and more when the films made.

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