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  1. This one's been on and off for a good 3 months now. My longest was a year and a half
  2. Thanks for the support guys but I feel now this threads going a bit off topic, let's just forget about all that and if InNeedOfHelp wants advice we can be here, this is his thread not mine
  3. Wise thing I always heard, "If you're wondering whether is OCD, most of the time is." Of course, I would agree with Tricia to go and seek another opinion, it's always helpful to have medical justification.
  4. I agree very much with Foosboo, it is all a part of the package unfortunately. When I'm in the grips of a serious obsession I try to keep away from people out of fear at lashing out at them for no reason. I'm lucky never to have encountered BDD, but it sounds just as agonizing as I can imagine. If you're thinking you aren't going to act on your thoughts now then it's a definite start, just got to keep soldiering through my friend. - S
  5. How pleasant, after the issues discussed in this topic and the issues resolved, people are still pathetic enough to say things like this. Thank you everyone else for realizing that my plight against what I read in the first post was merely a misunderstanding, people like this guy are the real people who tick me off to the maximum! And thank you to the administrator who sorted him out. - Saad
  6. Ugh, the late nights are the worst. I've missed work some days because I needed to catch up on sleep.
  7. I have found since I got awareness that I had OCD, or since my diagnosis for definite, I find myself thinking much like this. Perhaps this is just me but I now feel I overthink more things and my diagnosis has actually made my questioning worse, like "i'm just using OCD as an excuse", but I generally consider that I overthink things either because I am self aware of my OCD. That's my personal experience anyway, it really could be either way. Perhaps you should look back prior to your diagnosis and see if you thought similarly to me.
  8. I do not blame you in the slightest my friend, your fear is a result of a stereotype and that is in no way your fault. I was angry, if anything I should be the person apologising. You seem like a really nice guy, I wish you the best of luck in this and all the advice people have given so far I have no doubt helps out. We're all in the same boat here.
  9. Saad

    Twitter panic

    It's good you've taken the precautions now and changed your password. I would just try and distract your mind with other things and if it's brought up just tell yourself that it's in the past and you don't need to think about it now. :original:
  10. That was not my intention and I apologize personally to the poster if it came out that way, I was voicing my opinion and it came out wrong.
  11. I'm referring to poster, who hasn't offended me at all, the post however did, but I understand that it's not the poster's fault as it's a general societal perspective on a group of people thrown in with the horror of OCD. I was just annoyed okay, would you prefer to carry this on or drop it?
  12. Like I just said, i'm not judging the OP at all, I'm judging the fact that they have been told these thing and it agitated me that this stereotype exists. Nobody is helping by carrying this discussion on so it's probably better just to end it?
  13. I literally just said, I do not blame the OP but the society or whatever has told the OP that this was true, i'm sorry that I got offended but that's just what happens when you see things like this. And as for not knowing the thoughts and doubts you have, I can imagine full well the pain you are experience because if you haven't read on that little box on the side, I am also a sufferer of OCD.
  14. The wording offended me personally, sorry but that's my view. I understand it's OCD, and I was actually trying to help out by putting forward the point that not all gay people have HIV - So don't act like i'm some bigoted idiot that doesn't understand what OCD is, I clearly do else why would I be here? The way the OP put the post just ticked me off, I don't like this stereotype that all gay people have HIV, and seeing it here of all places got me angry the most, end of the day I didn't post it to scrutinize the OP either, it was there to let them know that it could be taken offensively, what they have posted, and from the comments I am not the only person to think this. And as for my comparison, it is a society-based creation that all black people carried illness, as much as it is also a society-based creation that all gay people carry hiv/aids, and the OP has obviously read this somewhere, so no, i'm not blaming the OP for this presumption but trying to help them understand that it coulc be taken offensively. So, as a response to some of your rather agitated replies - it was probably not good timing for myself to be reading that post, and B. I cannot help what I am offended by. I hope that's perfectly understood.
  15. Good to hear you're compulsing less, maybe it's time to distract yourself and take up a new hobby that will fully distract your mind away from the thoughts. Plus it's always fun to try something new anyway, and this might just help your meds along.