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  1. Hello cupcake 4 thank you for the response. i would love to go private but that is not an option for me at this time. But I really appreciate the input and hopefully I will get it sorted sooner.
  2. Thank you for replying, it's been getting difficult to deal with as I can't take my mind off certain things and would like to just sit and talk with a specialist but I don't think I can wait 6 months as I'm getting worse.
  3. Hello this is my first post and just wanted to write down what I have been going through. I have had anxiety and OCD all my life, but it never really became a major problem until I was 12 when I developed the fear of contamination, it got to the point where if I didn't wash my hands I couldn't use them and would keep my hands in pocket until I washed them. I fortunately forced myself out of this habit as I didn't tell anyone and was very embarrassed by it. Also during this I went through a faze where I stopped brushing my teeth ( I know, disgusting I couldn't dream of leaving the house without brushing them now) because I thought my tooth brush was dirty after using it once and I couldn't bye one everyday. anyway I this didn't last long and I got over it. But about 5 weeks ago (or maybe longer) I started to worry a lot more and started to lose interest in the stuff I liked. Then one day out of nowhere a thought popped into my head about cancer. since then I have never been the same since as it has developed into almost every kind of thing associated with OCD from health concerns to contamination fears (which has recently come back exactly how it was when I was 12) I have also been dealing with disturbing intrusive thoughts not to mention the dozens of physical effects I have dealt with over the weeks, but that's not it, it keeps getting worse and I'm trying my best to stay calm as I don't want to worry any of my friends and family. I have visited quit a few doctors over the weeks and the only thing a came away with is the number to CBT, which at first I was relieved until I found out theirs a 6 month waiting list. Im sorry for the long message but Im just getting overwhelmed by everything that's happening. And I'm sorry to rant as I understand most people on here have had to deal with their conditions for years until they seeked help. But I just don't know what to do and honestly I'm just writing this to keep me occupied for abit. Anyway I would appreciate any input, thanks for reading ( I don't really know how to end a blog or whatever you call it I'm kinda new to this apart from one other forum I wrote on, sorry for going on I'm stopping now.)
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