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  1. I have had a tough time since November with an OCD flare up. I am getting therapy although it is quite sporadic as I find it expensive and the waiting list is long here in n Ireland for community based therapy. I am on medication and finally it seems to be helping. My question is this. Why am I trying so hard to give myself obsessive thoughts. I struggle when I am off work like today Saturdays and Sundays are so hard. I think it is because I am on my own and I can't just let myself be happy I think how can I get over this as I can think these horrible thoughts all day. I try to keep myself busy but it just gets me down. I have obsessed for the last 7 months and now the thoughts aren't giving me anxiety any more but I keep trying to hurt myself with my old thoughts. thanks for taking the time to read.
  2. Hi at the minute I am on 45mg mirtzipine but I am on this dose for 6 weeks now and am finding it has started to work on my thoughts but is totally wiping me out during the day. My other option is sertraline which I am strongly thinking if trying. I was on citalopram for about 4 years but it became ineffective. I would love some encouragement about medication also as I feel I need it to get on top of my OCD.
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