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  1. Not sure if compulsions is the right word, happy for you to offer your opinion. Intrusive thoughts are currently being ignored as best I can while I wait for a appointment to deal with them But I have always also done so many random physical compulsions. I have a few that I have done for some time - *Taping my phone a certain amount of times and making sure the screen is clear from smears before I can turn it on or off. *Touching my nose then legs in a sequence. *Pulling an unhappy face when I look in the mirror, so that I don't jinx myself and encourage bad things to come way. And more. But then I can also randomly create compulsions as I go along like not wearing a certain clothes item because I had a negative thought about wearing it or I relate an item to something bad happening so won't wear it even if I really like it. Some I only do once then I forget about them and move onto something else. It's all very frustrating. I have tried to work out why I do so many, it seems like it's because I am trying to stop something bad happening or sometimes just to make it feel right. Does this sound like 'Normal' behaviour to you? Thanks Vickii
  2. I have spoken to one of the ladies featured in the documentary and she has confirmed that it has been postponed due to the Princess Diana documentary. It will now be aired sometime around the end of September.
  3. I posted this on the media page of this website but thought I would also put it on this chat, just incase one of you knows the answer. I thought the second episode was this evening at 10pm channel 5 but I can't see it advertised, any ideas anyone? I'm Interested to see the second episode to see if more of an insight into treatment is given.
  4. I thought the second episode was this evening at 10pm channeI 5 but I can't see it advertised, any ideas anyone? I'm Interested to see the second episode to see if more of an insight into treatment is given.
  5. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I will work through the information/recommendations and attempt to find the most suitable.
  6. I have jumped straight on it Ashley and contacted both. Unfortunately Dr Niekerk is fully booked up with appointments but he did say to call him at the end of the year if I still need an appointment then. Dr Callaghan is on maternity leave. Is there anyone else you can recommend? Dr Niekerk recommend speaking to Nicky Rattingan but she is now retired :(. Trying to remain hopeful Kind regards
  7. Please could I ask those of you that are able to recognise a qualified specialist who can diagnose and treat, to confirm what you think of Dr Manaan Kar Ray http://www.manaan.co.uk. My husband's work have offered to partly fund a Bupa family member, so I'm grappling the opportunity. Ashley kindly recommend Dr Forrester, she is an option but she can't guarantee when she will have a spare appointment. She also doesn't work with a waiting list, she's just asked me to keep contacting her monthly. Many thanks
  8. I think I am able to do this too, I was concerned that because I could block them out they weren't OCD related. Anyone got an answer for Joe?
  9. Can you recommend this individual Taurean?
  10. You have had some great advice from Ashley and HDC. I also can get extremely anxious/homesick when I'm away on holiday but I try and remind myself I will be home before I know it. I find mindfulness really helpful and although it might sound boaring I find watching live streams from around the world relaxing and grounding, I also find watching program like Location Location Location calming. Maybe try and find something like an audio book or something that grounds you and calms you down that you can take on holiday with you but I really feel mindfulness is one of the most helpful tools. If you go prepared with tools you will hopefully find just knowing you have them will be enough without having to use them, I certainly find they can help. Although it probably isn't the most helpful way of dealing with OCD but if the thoughts are getting really bad and you can't calm yourself down, try just saying to yourself that you are ok and you will deal with the thoughts when you get home - Ashley what do you think to this suggestion, I find it helps. Hope that makes sense. Take care Vicki
  11. Ok thank you for your thoughts
  12. So, I'm finding while I wait to see a psychiatrist, I have be managing to put my thoughts to the back of my mind. If I start to think about certain subjects that make me feel panicky I just say to myself that I will deal with these when I see the psychiatrist and can then carry on with sometimes no anxious feeling. I was find carrying on like this until today. I started thinking maybe my thoughts aren't OCD related as I'm able to push them to one side so easily. What everyone's opinion on this?
  13. Thank you Ashley. I just spoke with Dr Forrester, I explained you had given me her name, she knew you, she was really pleased you recommend her. She was very understanding and could almost instantly confirm it's OCD at work in my case. She is very busy at the moment but has offered me lots of advice and if I can wait that long I will call her mid August to hopefully get an appointment. Thanks again Vicki
  14. I'm currently looking into getting private to get a complete diagnosis and then support from there. I'm on a NHS waiting list but feel desperate for some help. Although I'm happy to travel further afield, if anyone can recommend someone in the East Anglia area I would be very greatful. I have looked at Dr Elizabeth Forrester but she seems to treat people via Video or Telephone, not sure if I feel like I could really open up to someone over the phone, what are your views? Vicki
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