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  1. Paradoxer, all those years I struggled, undiagnosed and didn’t have a clue it was OCD. How could I have OCD when I was terrified of “germs” but too scared to clean? Not joking unfortunately, this is one of the fears that used to rule my life. Believe it or not I’ve made huge progress, but every now and again something comes along and it feels like it’s going to set me back.
  2. What if I use too strong chemicals or don’t disinfect enough? The chemicals could soak through to the skin, but so could anything else unpleasant.
  3. Hi, I would like a little advice or perspective on what to do about a situation that’s occurred this evening. Our cat has bought a half dead mouse inside and dumped it into my 6 yr old daughters school shoe (brand new £40 Clarkes!) the cat then started attacking the shoe and mouse inside making a loud noise, I came to see what the fuss was about there it was. This is the 3rd dead animal brought inside in as many weeks. The mouse has been put outside to recover or die, I’m not sure. And I want to chuck the shoe away and plan to do so. Which means trainers for the little one until I can go to shops and purchase the same pair again. this is reasonable behaviour.....isn’t it? I can’t comprehend the alternative.
  4. I feel comfortable with a sponsored eatathon. Like pastries, cakes, chocolate. No preference ? id them all with unwashed “contaminated” hands ??
  5. Well put paradoxer. As someone who’s experienced ocd surrounding contamination, I can confirm it steals your life if you let it. My world has got a lot bigger since I started cbt jennielouises. I now have the beginnings of a new career and am able to enjoy being a parent. The more you give to the disorder the more it takes from you.
  6. Hi everyone, Thought I’d start a positive post about the unexpected positive consequences you may have gained from turning your back on Ocd. I’ll start with a couple. One of my main issues is contamination, I had many no go areas in my house that it felt almost claustrophobic. Lots of rules of where you could touch or go. How miserable for everyone. But since starting cbt and listening to my therapist and putting what she tells me into practise my house has become so much “bigger”. I’m in a place where almost every area is a free for all (there’s still work to be done) and without extending my house or moving out quality of life has improved. I used to throw so much “contaminated” stuff away and spend so much money on disposable gloves. Now I Dilute my own disinfectant (a person with a fear of germs but also a fear of chemicals, you couldn’t make it up) and re use rubber gloves. Don’t use anywhere near as much hand wash anymore and stopped sticking to the same brands and instead chop and change to keep things uncertain. So I’ve saved money, quite a bit to be honest. And my house is cleaner (not from a germ perspective). Lastly (I won’t bore you all with anymore), my closest friend had a baby a few years back, I pretty much went off the radar. Wouldn’t hold the little one when it was born. But now we do drawing together and play dolls together and I’m one of her favourite people. I’m also starting work in a primary school soon and I could never have done that without the right cbt and listening to my therapist. I owe her so so much if I’m honest. would love to hear what others have gained /the positives from challenging the Ocd Storm x
  7. Yeah I understand completely, people don’t like to be corrected generally. Especially when they are trying to be funny and get some laughs. It annoyed me that everyone laughed along, the comment didn’t even make sense. It’s just a funny word to throw around. I was ignorant before I knew the true nature of the disorder, it’s probably what led me to go undiagnosed for so long.
  8. Thanks Roy, juggling many things at once. Just back from a physical tiring shift, the little one is hyper and refusing to go to bed and I need to prep for an interview tomorrow. At least I have some chocolate
  9. Just realised I commented on the wrong post
  10. Wasn’t able to say anything, both people v confident and attitude and not been their long enough. Their comment was in relation to liking things lined up/being tidy maybe down the line if I heard these types of comments again I would speak up, although I wouldn’t relate it to me. Mainly because only a couple of people in my life know that I’ve been diagnosed with OCD, not even my parents and it’s a small world.
  11. I was cringing watching the restaurant scene with Craig and Bethany. I have just started a new job, barely been there a month and have already heard 3 jokes about OCD.
  12. Ah! I saw this too. The tapping method was made to look like it was a quick fix to managing the visual compulsions.
  13. Thinking of you Lostie, you’ve done amazing to get where you are. Look after yourself xx
  14. Might be worth asking if you can record your sessions. i record mine, by the time I’m home and have picked my little one up and done tea time and bed time I would struggle to remember all the points from my session. This way I can go back to my recording when I have some spare time. I make sure I write notes during too. Hope this helps x
  15. Seems like a pretty decent apology to be honest, I like the willing to educate themselves on the disorder. Great work from the charity here in getting the message across. if I saw right, Khloe Kardashians Khlo-cd story on instagram has been taken down too. I think she received some backlash for it last week.
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