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  1. So anxious about having to leave the house by myself for 4 days, which I have been unable to do for many months 😨

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    2. Andrea


      It is normal to feel anxious Lucy. Don't give up :sport_boxing:You can do it!

    3. Lucy1234


      Thank you so much for your encouragement x battling OCD can feel so scary x

    4. gingerbreadgirl


      You've got this Lucy you can do it. Drop by the forum any time you need some support  x 

  2. I saw these Valentine’s Day cards on a card company website called thortful, upset me that OCD is being used like this 😢https://www.thortful.com/cards/ocd (sorry I can’t seem to attach photos of the cards onto the post, so have posted the link above)
  3. I’ve started a degree to become a health care professional and have had OCD for many years. I was hoping it wouldn’t interfere too much with the job. However I’m unsure as to whether I’m going to be able to complete the degree due to OCD I get very anxious with responsibility which I have found out it has quite a bit of. I was wondering if anyone else is a health care professional who has similar worries regarding responsibilities, which causes them to think loads about if they have done the right thing etc? And how they manage. As I’m really struggling to know whether I should continue this course or leave due to the OCD Thank you for reading
  4. Hi Lucy,

    I didn't realise you were back on the forum (I left for several years too!).

    How are you? 

    Issie (Annabel)

  5. I haven't really found a medication which works. I've tried Sertraline, Fluoxitine, Venlafaxine and I'm now on Clomipramine and Clonazepam.
  6. My doctor has recently added Clonazepam to my medications for OCD and was I wondering if anyone had any experience with it for their OCD and anxiety and if they found it helpful? Thank you
  7. I'm currently studying a Psychology degree but whenever I go to hand in assignments I get extreme anxiety that I will be told off for plagiarism. I've currently finished an essay but going to need to go back through it all again and look at where I got the information from in the books which will take ages, just so I can double check it's different enough. Does anyone have any experience of this? and have any tips? Thank you
  8. Hi everyone, Hope your all ok, I have been a sufferer of OCD for many years and been off and on this site for 6 years, where does the time go!? Wonder if any members from when I was on a lot are still online? I am currently studying a Psychology degree. I would be really interested in studying OCD traits for my dissertation but I cannot think of any good ideas and was wondering if anyone had any ideas of things which would be good to study alongside OCD traits i.e. the effect of high scores on OCD traits with relationships. Thank you for reading
  9. Sorry to hear that things are tough for both of you. Hopefully your son will get the help he needs soon.
  10. Merry Christmas. I have known you on here for a few years now and you have really helped me. Thank you
  11. Hiya, I was wondering if anybody had any tips or experience that they might be able to help me with. I am 18 at the end of January, which means I have to leave CAMHS and go into adult services. I have been at CAMHS for 5 years now and they have helped me so much. I have created a great bond with many of the therapists and doctors. I have had many different therapist and doctors over the years who have been so lovely and helpful. Without there help (and help from OCD-UK) I don't know where I would be today. My OCD was so serve before I went to CAMHS, it was awful. I never want to go back there again. In about 2 month, I have to leave CAMHS. I am terrified. I really don't want to at all. They are my support and lifeline. I will really miss seeing them every week. They have kind of become my best friends, and I don't really have many friends outside of the hospital. I really don't know how to cope with it, I really don't want to be 18. Does anybody have any experience of leaving CAMHS after a very long time, or does anybody have any tips? I am really struggling with it, even the thought of it makes me feel physically sick. Thank you Lucy
  12. Thank you, luckily my therapist was ok with it
  13. I have been in CAMHS for 5 years now and never missed an appointment, well today I ruined it :crybaby: I feel so awfully bad and disappointed in myself. I overslept, typical as I haven't been sleeping well! I phoned the hospital to say can they tell my therapist and tell her im very sorry and she said ok then I feel so bad and in a panic, what have I had :crybaby: I hate to miss things, I feel so bad wasting there time, there going to hate me I have ruined everything.
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