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  1. Polar Bear I honestly don't know because I don't know what level of risk I am dealing with. Worse case, someone's asbestos sample spilt under a chair - that possibility is what is preventing me from moving on, as I have caused this by having unnecessary tests. I just can't live with the possibility I have put my beautiful children at risk of harm, and I'll have to live with that possibility indefinitely as asbestos disease takes so long to come on. Amanda
  2. Polar Bear Thank you so much for you patient replies, I know it's frustrating! I just got another really bad worry. Not sure how plausible this sounds. After I found the wallet I cleaned under the chair and black debris/dust came onto the wipe. I'm now worrying that this is why the sample bag I found was empty - that the actual sample material had fallen out under my chair, meaning asbestos debris could have been loose. Amanda
  3. Polar Bear But how do you know this is ocd as opposed to a genuine risk? What if asbestos had been in that bag? Amanda
  4. Hi Polar Bear But most of the people I know have never had asbestos people coming into their houses to take samples. The fact I have, coupled with the fact I have found two plastic wallets which I can't attribute to coming from anything else, puts a great fear in my mind. If it had been a random plastic wallet and I hadn't had asbestos people in recently I wouldn't have thought anything of it, but I am now worrying about the possibility of contamination. Amanda
  5. But there must be an increased chance of a risk. What if the plastic wallet had been used to store the tools in, and then asbestos fibres had got into the wallet. My husband has thrown it in the bin and I can't find it to check. Surely a company shouldn't be leaving things around like this? I can't believe I didn't see it, I'm always so clean and tidy but it was under the chair and the hoover sucked it up. I feel sick with worry, we use the living room for hours on end. Amanda
  6. Hello Sorry to post again on the same topic, please bear with me. I can't believe it, I was hoovering up tonight and what do I find but yet another plastic wallet under an armchair in the living room. This time it was a full wallet, not cut into. The only sample I have had taken was a few weeks ago by a different asbestos company. I am now in turmoil, how can two different companies leave plastic wallets, where could the wallet have come from?! It feels like the risk has now doubled. The wallet just seems to be empty but I am scared it is an old asbestos-containing sample bag. please please help me amanda
  7. Amd80


    Deep down, you know this is ocd but your distress and panic is preventing you from seeing it. Nothing anyone can say can possibly reassure you at this moment as you are too overwhelmed by fear.
  8. Thank you to you both, your replies have really helped me to cope with my high level of fear over the past few days. Amanda
  9. Thank you Snow Bear The company told me that their tools are all cleaned after use to avoid cross contamination and they have offered me an air sample test for reassurance. Why would they offer this if there was no risk. i feel like I am trapped in a nightmare and have subjected my son to a death sentence which he wouldn't have had if I had never had the surveys done. Amanda
  10. Whenever I try to move on I suddenly remember about the plastic and the fact it was there for 3 weeks and I become unable to think straight, I just feel sick to my stomach. Please tell me, to someone not involved in this worry, would you be concerned about it or does it sound irrational to you? Amanda
  11. It was definitely a compulsion which you did to make yourself feel better, but which has ended up making you feel worse. You have done absolutely nothing wrong xx
  12. This is OCD Lily, you were checking to make sure you hadn't done something inappropriate but in doing so, have made yourself feel even worse. It's so hard to deal with, I understand. Amanda x
  13. Polar/Snow bear and others - Sorry to post again but I'm feeling really bad this morning. In the night I was worrying that the bit of plastic was the top of an old sample bag which the inspector had cut off to access the contents of the bag in the lab. I then worry he hadn't disposed of it in the lab and it had found its way into our house in his toolkit or pocket, dropping out and exposing us to asbestos fibres. i feel so terrible, there did seem to be some sort of debris and dust on the plastic when I picked it off the floor. Really need some help, I genuinely can't cope with this and every time I look at my son I feel guilty. I gave into my compulsion yesterday (not about the spanner though) and asked whether they decontaminated their tools. I've received no response and this has made me worry further. Amanda
  14. No I feel pretty awful. I think it's because it plays on everything I hold dear, my family, and if I think their health has been put at risk it really increases the upset to almost unbearable levels. I haven't emailed the company but I feel very worried about the spanner i have found. It most sound ludicrous to someone without this worry! amanda
  15. Ok I will try to resist the urge to do this, it just adds another doubt it's so hard!