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  1. I've found that some online sites (such as this one) have been helpful, also mind.org.uk. I guess it's just a relief to read through other people's experiences and think "it's not just me" - Thank God! I have tried CBT in the past and it was slightly useful however I don't think that my therapist was very specialised with OCD. It's as if my brain needs to have something to obsess over, I literally can't remember the last time I was stress/worry free. Work seems to be a huge contributor to both my OCD checking or a causer of stress which then seems to make my mind open to intrusive thoughts. Maybe talking to people in your workplace would help? Good luck with your CBT.
  2. Hi Alwayshope, I am new here too and can completely empathise with your situation. I have had OCD for a while but lately it feels like it is taking over my life and my thoughts completely. It's devastating and very embarrassing at times. It also makes me feel so guilty. I have a career, a great family and friends etc etc so why do I feel like this? Why is this happening to me? It's very scary.
  3. Hi, Totally new to this group but dealing with a very bad bout of OCD and depression and find it difficult to talk to people like friends and family as I fear that they won't fully understand. I completely know what you mean about "current obsessions". I obsessed over something for years before finally letting go of it, and now feel like I would give anything for that to be my obsession again as it now seems so ridiculous. Reading through your comments has been very helpful to me today so just want to say thanks. I have had to take today off from work because obsessive thoughts have made me feel so anxious, and that mixed with depression has made me feel very ill and dizzy. I feel so guilty as I never take sick days.
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