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  1. bobbyassustado

    Does the bad/anguish feeling ever go away?

    Thank you all for the answers and support my friends. I will try everything you guys suggested, that therapy, the book reading, all. Thanks for your care!
  2. I'm suffering with my ocd thougs for 5 years now. I already been told that I must stop ruminating, and allow the thoughts to stay and learn to live with it, right? but I am still anxious, feeling those anxiety waves and bad feelings inside my head, you know? i must learn to live with it and stop caring for this feelings? they ever dissapear? I did something wrong, they should have disappeared already?
  3. Hi My OCD Friends. I'm dealing with Ocd for more than 10 years... So I pretty much had it all already.... Hocd, contamination, etc etc... All kinds of ocd stuff during the years. The fact is: everything always came and eventualy leave from my head. But i'm stuck with this memory of a silly stuff that hapened when i was a teen, and the thought Just Do Not Leave From My Mind!!!! I tried everything already... Not ruminate... Ignore... Dont give attention... But it never leaves I always feel this thought is there, and that i really need to ruminate over and over forever Im desperate. Thats the only ocf stuff that still didnt eventualy leave me alone... Its been more than 9 months already with it What Can I do please
  4. bobbyassustado

    Current obsession always feel The Worst?

    Yea, very good answers. Thank you all!
  5. I mean, im feeling that my current Ocd problem is worst than all my previous ones.... Like "I finally reach something really terrible now" Thats a frequent thought for others in this forum too? Thanks mates
  6. Does anyone else ever had such a thing?! I see that everyone always knows how to explain his Ocds, but not knowing how to explain mine, makes me feel even more scared I'll try again Imagine all Ocd thoughts and fears as individual fruits... One is an Orange, one is an apple, and so on. Each fruit is one obsessive thought. Is easy to explain each one individually huh? Now imagine that I catch one of my fruits (thought) and hold in my hand and smash it complety. Its just a mess Impossible to describe... Feels like it's the worst of all... Much worst than the other ones, because this one is totally ruined and smashed and ugly! Its something like that!!!
  7. Oh, and I never feel satisfied enough about my description of this 'monster', and thats another reason why I keep coming back to ruminate over it, to try to get a better description of this abstract thing
  8. Whats been annoying me more on the last weeks, is the feeling that my deep rumination/questions-seeking, developed a whole new concept of worry. It's even hard to explain on words. I feel like, my problem now is not the doubts and the memory itself, but something else grew there, like a "monster", a bad feeling, something "stuck" there inside this thought, that make me feel anxiety by itself....... Something unique, that no one else besides me feels too.. like I have The worst ocd of all.... Its like.. at first, my worry was the memory/questions itself, but now something else and worst grew up there, and blocked everything... Like a big shadow... Like an Abstract thing that cant even be explained! Its just there, making impossible for me to feel a "closure" for my case... I always catch myself going back on this thought, only to realize that this Abstract Monster still there blocking my judgments... Idk, It makes sense in my head but its hard to put on words....
  9. bobbyassustado

    Solving the doubts Didn't helped!

    Hi Ocean. But wow, but accepting it is so hard... I think at some point in all these months, I already gave up and "accepted" it for some time, but still there... Still didnt go away. Thats why I approached him.... Its like... Accepting or denying the anxiety, it stays anyways
  10. bobbyassustado

    8 months with the same obsession??

    Very good point
  11. I'm stuck with a memory of a past event... Its not even a big-deal thing (this memory)... Is just a silly stuff... But anyway, I thought it was stuck with me because I had so many doubts about that day... "Why my friend said that particular thing? Why he acted that particular way?" So, desperate to end my agony, I return in touch with this old friend yesterday, Only to ask him about that day! About his motivations, etc... And he answered me... But now... Nothing changed, you know.... The thought about that day still gives me anxiety-explosions And when I'm not ruminating it, Im anxious too, because my head is telling me I still need to ruminate it, because still not finished, even with all doubts solved Edit: So, what can I do to end this suffering?! I hate this so much
  12. bobbyassustado

    8 months with the same obsession??

    Thanks for your answers my friends
  13. I am like 8months now with the same Ruminating over the same thing (memory of past event) Usually I manage to be free from particular ruminations after like 2 or 3 weeks But this one stays with me all the time for 8 months now It means im in a worst stage of ocd than others?? Can it happens to stay so long ruminating the same thing? Im going crazy with it
  14. Im stuck with a memory of a past event, and its a silly irrelevant event, but still, it gives me a bad feeling when I think about it, its hard to explain. I keep stuck with this thought (memory) all day, because I relive the memory trying to understand why i feel so bad about it, trying to find a solution, but everytime I repeat the memory, i feel this bad feeling, of something trapping me, with no answer. It gives me so much anxiety... Doesnt make any sense... Im desperate with it