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  1. Hello Nicole, I really feel for you. It's so hard for you as you are doing all the supporting on your own and you can't reach her. Stay strong and try to get some time for yourself. I hope she can get to see the new mental health team soon. I can't offer much advice I'm afraid Nicola but I just wanted to tell you to stay strong and she'll realise what an amazing mother you are, when she gets a little better. It is an evil illness and can really affect close family members as everyday life is so trying when ocd takes over. The good thing is that your daughter realised that the treatment was no longer working, then ocd got out of control but she did realise and is wanting to get better through the help of doctors. You see, my husband suffers from contamination ocd, he is no longer in denial but still refuses to seek help. It has destroyed our marriage to be honest and it has broken me. I stay strong for my son and my job is keeping me going too but it is so trying at home. I can relate to you and I am so sorry you are living this. Take good care of you, Nicole. I hope your daughter get to see the psych soon. Cathy
  2. Well done Bobfish! Keep going! You can do it, don't feed the tiger! It gives me hope. Really happy for you, one step at a time. Cathy wife to a suffering and very distressed husband.
  3. Thank you all very much for your replies. It is nice to be able to share as I don't take to anybody about it. Unfortunately, although my husband talks to me about it that's as far as he is willing to go for now. I am trying my best not to reinforce any of his behaviours but each time I challenge him, it causes an argument. Like you, Stepforward, I worry about our 5-year old as he is witnessing his dad's rituals. I have bought and read the book that Snowbear suggested, thank you Snowbear, very informative but same, my husband refuses to even look at it and cannot stand when I quote the book. I will try again. Thank you all for your support. Cathy
  4. Thank you Carol for your welcome and word of advice. The thing is he doesn't want any record in the system. I have tried talking to him but to no avail so far. Is there any chance sufferers from OCD can get out of this way of thinking by themselves? I fear the answer is no but I don't know really. How do people get to suffer from OCD and can it be passed down to children do you think? In our case, both me and my son have had to adapt not to trigger my husband for example he has to wash his hand systematically when he enters the house and get changed from his uniform. But when my husband is not around, this is not the case. If I may ask, when did your son develop OCD and does he has a treatment? Thanks again, Cathy
  5. Hi all, my husband suffers from OCD but has only admitted it a year ago when it started to really impact our life as he's started having violent outbursts whenever he couldn't control things. No one knows about it, I'm not allowed to tell anyone. It's really hard to live with, his main problem is fear of contamination and control. Control is even impacting our own life now, for example, I can't go out when I want. He scares me at times. He refuses to go and talk to anybody, he thinks he will get better when he's got control over everything but each time something trivial crops up and the infernal circle of cleaning and anger starts again. I don't know what to do.I've talk to his mum a little, I mean he's a grown man, he's 40, and she did recognise he had a few symptoms when he was younger and she went to see the doctor not him; however she doesn't really want to get involved. It's really wearing me down; when he shouts at me for having dropped a key on the mat for example, he goes out of his mind. He often blames me for things that are not going his way but I swear I don't provoke him or try to trigger any of his fears. Anybody can relate? Thanks for reading me. Cathy
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