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  1. we have two choices with ocd,,,we invest heavily in it or we don't,,,we must look at the kind of person we are,,,have we identified way to much with our illness ,that we become it,,our very identity depends on us have ocd,,so much so,we are hostile to any potential cure,,,are we one of those,,,,i chose not to be that,,
  2. its a bit like the normal person taking pain killers,,,,when the pain has stopped so do the pain killers..but the ocder just keeps taking them ,pain or no pain,,,ocd is a bit of a cop out,,the easy way to manage lifes ups and downs,,,,we learned this at some point,,,this is from a ocder of 25 years.we need to take responsibility for our feeling,,and stop blaming it on ocd,,,the cop out ,,,
  3. as one man in here says,,theres no point looking for the cause,,,you wont find a more emotionaly invested person than that.no cure is wanted or sought,,,,jesus
  4. ocd in a normal person is there to help us create a predictable world in which we then feel a sense of control..we need the familiar,,the known,,not a everyday life where we don't know whats going to happen next,,this is ocds purpose,,,,,but some use it to excess especialy if theirs is a word of the unpredictable,,,,ocd is all about creating a very predictable and controlled world,,where they feel safe,,normal ocd taken to extreme levels,,but to call it a mental illness,is farcical,,but will suit some just fine,,and they are the ones who shout the loudest,,for they have the most to lose
  5. there was a time,when ocd did not exist,,,,a few psychiatrist,,,just invented the label,,,these same people said,,,the ill ness m,e in children was a mental illnesss,,,,it wasn't,,it was a persistant viral infection,,ocd can be caused by viral infection,,,its well documented,,,,do we call these children ,mentaly ill,,women can get ocd during menopause,,are they mentaly ill,,,a stroke victim gets ocd are they mentaly ill,,,,,pnly a human being can be so stupid to call ocd a mental illness,,,we cannoty call an evolutionary response to stress an mental illness,,,and we do all have it to a degree,,everyone uses ocd to releive stress,,,its the natural antedote to stress,,,its only a problem when its done to excess,,even then,,its not a mental illness,,but human psychology as it is,and as Jordan Peterson said,,not all patients want a cure,for some,the payback for being ill is to great,,i agree.....common sense would indicate that all possible solutions should be considered in seeking a cure,,,but instead, hostility is met,,,from those heavily invested in their illness ,,
  6. agree,,,when I see others deal with stress an anxiety with out the crutch of ocd to lean on,,its a weakness in me,,,we don't have a medical illness,,,there realy isn't an excuse for ocd,,,yet it is an excuse,,,,oh am stressed,,,well,,deal with it
  7. I taught my self this,,,so I will unlearn it to...
  8. others deal with stress an anxiety ..I will learn to..its hard,,,but I start by not seeing my self as a helpless victim,,thats the first step,,,
  9. had ocd for 25 years,,,its a cop out,,,this is how at some point we have choosen how to deal with stress,,,our choice in the beginning,,a copping device,,,warped logic and the easy way out,,then we claim to be victims,,,
  10. only the motivation of ocd is dif from normal ocd,it all about motivation and reward
  11. I have ocd for 25 sears ,,and I am sick of all the advice which does nothing,,,time to do the work my self
  12. I think its a learned response,,,and many psychologists say the same
  13. we all have routine dependantcy,,,ocder have it much more
  14. why do ocders think they are exclusive members of a club,,they are not
  15. well,neurotic have much more intrusive thoughts than ocd,,,its not exclusive to ocd,,and if its not excluse to ocd ,it means it can happen anywhere..
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