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  1. Charlie ocd

    How to not respond to the thoughts

    Worried now again that its worse than ocd cos no one has said anything.so it must be worse
  2. Charlie ocd

    How to not respond to the thoughts

    Ive been doing this now i have pocd but when i had a stressful doctors appointment i was getting a lot of thoughts and the starring ocd was stronger.I had a pocd thought because i thought children might be at the doctors so i thought well there could be so i expected the worst a whole load of kids.Then i had a pocd thought i ignored it but then thought i liked it this started the whole ocd thing off for over an hour because it was making me feel like i couldnt go to the doctors.Is this a bad sign as i do usualy get upset and anxous about the thoughts.
  3. I had it a while ago talking to my cpn then i seemed to have got it really bad when i was in the hospital before i went the mental hospital i was walking down the corridor with people coming towards me i just wasnt right.I think i was looking for children so i could avoid them then i was starring at peoples privates i was so humiliated then i noticed it in the mental hospital.At the moment its really hard to deal with knowing this because ive had a really hard time with the pocd.Even snooker i used to like watching that but now when they lean over the table im noticing it.
  4. Yes i do feel ashamed straight away i do make a big deal of it because it upsets me so much i was thinking could i be gay but its happening with men and women.Im trying to force my eyes away i end up starring in the other persons eyes so that i dont pick up on that area of the body. Thanks i have to try that
  5. I was panicking i meant i do have pocd i thought i could have hocd too but after googling it sounds like the starring ocd or compulsive starring.It happens when im talking to someone its like the corner of my eye is picking up on private areas i dont want to look there but feel drawn too.
  6. I think i noticed it faintly a while ago but since getting very unwell its stronger now i also have pocd and thought it was hocd but now it seems its compulsive starring.
  7. Cheers i used to have another username on here im the one who hasnt done cbt yet because i can only get out on my bike.Since coming out of hospital but just before hospital i noticed i was being watched and followed i notice it all the time now it makes me feel guilty when i havent done anything.Im paranoid most of the time im hearing people talk about me outside the building where i live everyday mentioning the p word and the floor im on.Only escape i have are my headphones and i only get out once a day to the shop in the morning. When the pocd first started which must be like 15 years ago ive been using a pushbike because it was the only way i felt safe.ive recently contacted iapt to see if i can do cbt on my bike my cpn is looking into it now.
  8. Ok thanks i pick up on private areas too its like i dont want to look there but my eyes are drawn there i feel so ashamed.I do look at porn but since this has happened i only watch porn with women in it ive never watched gay porn or been with another man.
  9. Since my relapse i think i have hocd i have pocd im feeling uncomfortable when i see men with there tops off it feels like an atraction but i dont want it to be.Its like when i see children on the tv or when im out i think ive noticed it for a long time maybe having hocd but its stronger now.When it happens i feel so upset with myself because i dont want that i cant imagine being with another man.