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  1. I have phill I told them about it they said it's an intrusive thought i told them today about seeing that young girl on the tv and feeling like i liked it.what do you think about it.
  2. Why isn't anybody saying anything I'm really worried it isn't ocd.
  3. I'm really scared this isn't ocd can someone please say something.
  4. She said I need to still see my care cordinator today and if I felt i still needed an ambulance to call for one.she asked so many questions.i might get assessed by the home treatment team today.i dont want to go in hospital. What I said about watching that young girl on the tv and feeling like I liked it is that a sign it's not ocd.no one else has said anything about it.i usually avoid watching kids on the tv it's just that it came on the tv while I was with someone else.
  5. Hi I called for ambulance but then the shakes got worse I couldn't go.i spoke to a mental health person she asked a lot of questions.im not sure if I'll be ok I cant leave the flat. I didn't eat properly today I couldn't do it and I didn't feel like it.im losing my mind. Thanks hal
  6. I dont know what to do hal i cant leave my flat i am scared going to the hospital and going in a mental hospital i had a really bad time there when i was in there.I wish i could just end my life it sure isnt easy im really shaking god i shouldn't have to go through all this.
  7. I have been calling the mental health today quiet a lot telling them how Im feeling.im getting assessed tomorrow I might call for an ambulance I'm shaking as I'm typing this.i really dont want to go in hospital but I'm not coping with everything. Yeah I remember that what was said about ocd always lying to us.im really scared everyone outside calling me these names everyday.Im scared about how I'm feeling. Thanks for your support hal I am very worried about what I told the cc.i dont know what she's going to do now.i dont know what I'm doing.
  8. I'm thinking of suicide I want to but I cant do it.why cant I do it this is not ocd no one has said anything.
  9. This is bad then what I have said because no one has said anything.
  10. Had it again while a young girl was on the tv I kept looking at her like I liked it.This is bad now it doesn't sound like ocd.
  11. Hi I did tell my old cpn that in an email I need to ask the carecordinator what's happening about it.Im not all there in the head I've called the crisis line a few times nothing they can do.cant call for an ambulance and go through all that.Im seeing a psychiatrist in about 2 weeks time. Thanks
  12. I just told my care coordinator this im thinking something like this will happen if i see children or ill be too nervous around them.Is this still ocd im having other sexual thoughts that i think will happen.I feel like taking my life now but i cant go through with it. What happens now I'm really worried I've said that to her.
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