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  1. I started a couple of threads on the hearing voices forum.
  2. Hi I went to go on the hearing voices forum but it wouldnt let me.Ive been told by my cpn and there doctor i dont have schizophrenia.I have asked for a second opinion in the past but they said they cant do that.Ive told my cpn i need another diagnosis he hasnt said anything yet.When im ready i will get refered for cbt. Sorry i just tried going on the hearing voices forum on my phone and it worked. Thanks
  3. Hi I told my cpn or care coordinator and i wrote it all down and gave it to the cpn the mental health sent round.I find it too dificult to see a gp because children could be there.I dont have a therapist i still dont feel ready to do cbt. Ive asked my cpn and there doctor if i have schizophrenia and they said no.
  4. I live in a tower block of flats im on the top i avoid children i empty my bin downstairs early in the morning or late in the day.when i had a relapse i wasnt acting right and since then i hear the neagbors.It stopped when i came out of the mental hospital but started again.Plus i have bad nightmares and can shout in my sleep.And one day neaghbors on my floor knocked on my door i opened it and one of them was with a kid.I was very stressed at the time and i was scared straight away then that neagbor went back in & clossed her door.plus im hearing people outside the building talking about me everyday.
  5. Hi dksea I have to have a bath each morning mornings are the worst.Then i need to put the headphones on to listen to the tv.And i want to lay on the bed watching tv.i feel calmer with the headphones on.I do beleave the neagbors below are talking about me.my legs are usualy shaking when im in bed and i just dont feel right.I get up and there shaking too. I did write this down and gave it to the cpn the mental health sent round.ive only seen him once so far. Thanks
  6. I was feeling really bad desperate for help then i call the police.They stayed with me until the ambulance came then they followed us to the hospital.And stayed with me there until someone could come to watch me. Then when i was in the mental hospital the police searched my flat.Lies were being spread on the ward so i reported it to the police. And another time i had celldoc call for an ambulance then the hospital were asking me if i had indecent images.I couldnt beleave that.
  7. I have the headphones on all day and have to listen to the radio in my ears when i go to sleep.I hear the neagbors below me talking about me at night and in the mornings.
  8. Im on antidepressants venlafaxine 300mg a day im waking up soaked in sweat during the night and morning.I dont feel with it in the mornings my legs shake too.I feel better when i put my headphones on and listen to the tv. I have tried polarbears and dkseas techniques im tryimg dkseas at the moment.I just dont want to do anything everything is an effort.i wouldnt know what to do. Thanks
  9. Ive always had my food delivered i havent been out since before christmas. I just want to lay down all the time im very depressed i can hardly do anything.
  10. Thanks its when he removes the boxes from the trolley thats when i have a problem.because hes facing me and im all nervous.Im panicking coming up to the day it gets delivered.I must try not dwell on it shopping got delivered today.first time he unloaded it himself but its always a different person.
  11. Anyone know how to make this stop im worrying ill do it each time i get my shopping delivered now.
  12. Just can't go in there again it was really bad while I was in there.like angst said about concentration mines the same.but I will try I have a few books but I always have the headphones on.unless I put earplugs in. Thanks
  13. Because I can't make it to the cmht can they put me in hospital.i was able to make it before because it was closer to me.but now there further away and it's in the hospital I was in.and I'm not as well as I was when I could make it to where they used to be. My cpn is back tomorrow
  14. cheers it started with me calling for a gp to visit me at home thats when they refered me to the cmht.She said she would talk to the mental health not refer me.
  15. Iapt at guys hospital recommended them to my cpn when I asked if I can do CBT on my bike.