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  1. Deep breath in like your going up a mountain then hold your breath for a while at the top then let it out like your coming down the mountine.That calms me down when i feel anxiety hitting me.
  2. Hi Angst I had a feeling you would say something yes on day 7 the 100mg did something i felt it and i liked it.So carried on up to 150mg ive felt more of that feeling being happy again and more calming thats what clomipremen is supposed to do.I read a lot of reviews about it so decided to try it again instead of what the new psychiatrist recommended. Yes on the phone and face to face is very difficult ive written down stuff for the psychiatrist before i see her because its hard getting what i need if i was talking.Yes you did tell me your memory was very bad at one stage i will try more reading its just i have the headphones on all the time but i can use earplugs and read.I will get to do cbt eventualy i just want it done properly ive been afected by this ocd for 17 years god thats a long time when i think about it. Thanks
  3. Hi again gemma7 The clomipremen started working at day 7 of 100mg im now up at 150mg once a day with 150mg pregabalin and busipron 5mg 3 times a day.I feel better but im shaky at times but now im not in the bed all day with the curtains closed.I actually stay out of my bedroom as much as possible now and i look forward to the day and daylight in my living room.My headphones are on all day its either my dab radio or the tv to block out what im hearing from outside the building. I have a few options for cbt i have this website that can find me a good therapist,pickup at the maudsley or a place not far from me near guys hospital.I was struggling to read sentences but there were times i could read without that problem and it wasnt because i thought something bad might happen.Yes thats what i did read what i could at the time then go back and read the rest i needed to feel calm. I emailed the care coordinator saying i want a good therapist not a trainee and that if its not done properly it could make my ocd worse.I read that somewhere on this website once im also finding talking on the phone very difficult. cheers
  4. I think thats what they are trying to do with me cbt but its the care cordinator doing it i wrote just a couple of thoughts down a while ago but cant get myself to do it now.They did start me on clomipremen before but i came off it myself because i was sweating a lot but ive seen a lot of good reviews about it so chose to try it again.Yeah she comes to see me for an hour and ive forgotton what she talked about and shes given me things to read about anxiety and ocd but i can rarely read them because i struggle so much to read sentences. I havent been able to leave my flat for a long time the ocd is bad i find it so dificult just to bring my rubbish down 7 floors i do it when theres nobody about hoping i dont bump into anyone.I have never done cbt because i felt i couldnt others on here have told me to do it loads of times too.You have to do homework with cbt i cant even write down my thoughts im hoping the medication will help me. ok i didnt know ocd can afect memory my concentration is very bad im hoping it gets better. Thanks Gemma7
  5. Im seeing a care cordinator she came with one of there doctors yesterday it really didnt go well they were both at me starring at me.There telling me to write the thoughts down but i just cant do it and theres too many things to answer my concentration is just too bad i struggle to read sentences i have to keep re reading a sentence about 2-3 times.My memory is bad too when the care cordinator visits me and talks to me i cant remember what she said when she left. They have started me back on clomipremen im at 100mg and going up to 150mg in two weeks time i asked the doctor what if the antidepressant needs to be increased.She answered it wont be increased it stays at 150 is this correct maybe it might need to be increased. Ive been struggling for a very long time now its my concentration thats very bad been like this for a very long time and my memory.Im worried i have brain damage.
  6. Hi phill I woke up feeling like something bad was going to happen it felt really bad then I was thinking I'll end up in prison again.I got something else worrying me besides ocd so it could be adding to it.ill PM you I did go out on my bike just to the nearest cashpoint today and back and felt I was under surveillance again.I was on the main road I noticed kids to the left of me I didn't feel good I couldn't look at them.
  7. ok phill when it started happening for me i didnt know it was ocd and i didnt have the internet back then.Soon as i found out it was ocd i joined this forum and i could relate to others on here.I get very lonely and yeah i feel messed up in the head like twisted ive had no friends for a very long time now.Im going back on clomipremen hopefully that will help with the thoughts too.Thanks for your advice.
  8. I've had this ocd 17 years and never acted on a thought.I haven't bumped into children for a long time.even all the school holidays and I'm on the 7th floor.it scares the life out of me when I need to bring the rubbish down in the lift.
  9. Ok mate I didn't know I thought the worst I'm living in terror now.
  10. Hi phill I've been seeing the new cc just a few times now I'm not communicating with her properly.she left me print outs of information about ways to cope with anxiety.sometimes I can read them but most times I cant.My concentration is really bad. I have been taking diazepam only when I'm really bad but it's very hard to get hold of.Ill give the printouts another go it all depends on how I'm feeling.Oh I asked again today about seeing that young girl on the tv the cc said the shrink says it's an intrusive thought from my ocd. Cheers
  11. I see the psychiatrist and mentioned pikup at the maudsley I have to first see someone at the maudsley before I can get that cbt.That is going to b difficult for me I said to the cc can we get a cab.ive asked to be put back on clomipremen because I did come off it.I dont know when I'll be seeing about pickup. I dont do anything to occupy my mind only the tv sometimes.I just dont want to do anything I'm in my bedroom most the day i use earplugs trying to block out what I'm hearing. Thanks
  12. I have phill I told them about it they said it's an intrusive thought i told them today about seeing that young girl on the tv and feeling like i liked it.what do you think about it.
  13. Why isn't anybody saying anything I'm really worried it isn't ocd.
  14. I'm really scared this isn't ocd can someone please say something.
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