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  1. How long did it take til it made a difference? What difference do you feel it makes for ocd?
  2. Which SSRI do you take @PolarBear? I’ve just started on 50mg of sertraline
  3. Thanks that’s helpful. I definitely get tied up in knots when I try and get rid of the thoughts. I’m also best when I can shrug it off. I’m in 50mg of sertraline. It’s a tricky week with a few things and it’s definitely making me feel worse at the moment but hopefully it’s short lived.
  4. Thanks. When I read that it sounds so simple (and I guess it would be if it weren’t for the anxiety).
  5. Im not entirely sure why it’s such a disaster. I definitely have thoughts that I should be able to prevent it (this emerges from a miscarriage I had) and also an inflated sense of responsibility. I think the uncertainties of it as well, the eggs are microscopic, how could you know you cleaned them all. And a sense of anxiety about anxiety such as “this is how bad I feel about it when we don’t have it, if we did have it the anxiety would be unbearable, I’d never be able to cope, we’d never get rid of it and I’ll end up having a breakdown”. Only had two Skype sessions but so far so good. On day 2 of sertraline and the side effects are a bit unpleasant.
  6. Any tips on how to do this? in the us I think it’s called pinworm
  7. Any tips on how to do this? in the US I think it’s called pinworm
  8. Doing ok thanks. Just trying to self soothe a bit, reminding myself i am Capable and I will cope. Started sertraline today sO hopefully that will start to help in a week or so.
  9. I have just received a message from the school to say there is threadworm in one of my kids classes. And PANIC!
  10. Have you looked? What would happen if you didn’t?
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