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  1. Thanks for your response. My logic knows to just feel the anxiety and not respond. But it’s really hard when the fear is something that’s a possibility.
  2. Tell me recovery is possible or to at least manage it so it doesn’t control my life..: have had CBT which was helpful but now the theme has changed slightly and awaiting a referral for some more therapy. Meanwhile im pregnant with my 3rd child and feel like I will never cope....
  3. I know this won’t apply to everyone but my ocd is contamination, in particulate currently about having threadworms because I am pregnant so cannot take medication. This dominates my thinking and decision making. Today I am wondering if it would be better to just have them than worrying about having them all the time. Does that make sense?
  4. It is interesting isn’t it! I have now uncovered it and am watching the family walk all over it and then climb on the sofas and just sitting with the anxiety trying to know it won’t last forever. Thanks for responding x
  5. I have contamination ocd. Yesterday my son was sick and I managed to tip the bucket onto a towel that was on the floor and the carpet was then wet underneath. I have scrubbed the carpet several times with wipes that kill everything, I’ve also used zoflora and dettol and a carpet cleaner (not steam just normal). I know it isn’t possible to have certainty about the germs being gone and that the rest of us may get poorly regardless of how much I clean. I currently have the carpet covered with a towel (because it is wet) but the thought of uncovering it and letting us all walk on it and then walk through the house, climb on sofas etc feels overwhelming. Can anyone give me advice on what to do? Do I just need to uncover it and feel anxious and let the anxiety fade while accepting I can’t be certain the germs are gone?
  6. Thanks. I’m having CBT and it’s helping I think, i’m certainly better than I was and understand I need to move towards my fear to overcome it. Some days it’s hard though as the main obsession at the moment is my children getting a fairly common childhood illness and so I often feel overwhelmed trying to prevent something that is probably inevitable at some point. But the issue has become a fear in itself if that makes sense
  7. Thanks for this. You mention this book quite often, would it be helpful for any type of OCDdo you think?
  8. I agree entirely. I can deal with all kinds of uncertainty and count on my ability to survive hardship but when it comes to my obsessions it’s as if I can’t let go!
  9. In other words it’s hard to stop the rumination and checking because they’re not unrealistic. But I also know I’m a resourceful person who can deal with problems and so i’m wasting my life on checking and thinking to find certainty one way or another when what I should do is enjoy my life and sort out a problem when it actually occurs
  10. Yes that is true that it is my mind, sometimes though that can make it difficult can’t it? Because they are real thoughts, in my case catastrophic versions of possible and indeed likely events such as children having common childhood illnesses. So I feel the need to check all the time if I think my child has them!
  11. I am, but some days it feels like a long road and one that frankly i’m a bit sick of! Doing compulsions is such a quick fix that some days that just feels easier, but not helpful long term I know. I just want to focus on the joy in front of me and only deal with issues as they are actually issues rather than hypothetical problems all the time. Easier to type it than do it! And maybe this is all just ruminating...
  12. This is what I think: OCD steals the joy from our lives. It robs of the present moment with a constant “what if” whisper in your ear. But it’s hard to resist that what if, even if the what if isn’t that bad and we would be able to deal with it if it happened. I just want the joy back in my life now for me and those around me.
  13. Can you explain what it means to put it into a cognitive perspective please?
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