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  1. Hello there, According to the Cognitive Load Theory the learning procedure is a constant activity enabling the Working Memory (which is limited) and the Long Term Memory (which is theoretically unlimited). A lot of research has shown that there is a link between Working Memory deficit and OCD or anxiety. This affects severely the Learning Process making difficult to the sufferers to perform closely to their capacity. So having in mind that in most cases of OCD there is also an Anxiety Disorder and a Panic Disorder there is more deficit to Working Memory. During all my entire life I have been witnessing all this as an interference, a cognitive "noise" or intrusive thoughts which caused a terrible loss of concentration during a lecture or a conversation. This keeps happening even if you take medication. OCD / Anxiety Disorder / Panic Disorder, our kind of HELL...
  2. Hello there, I am currently having a CPD on the Science of Learning. As an a OCD sufferer I had been having such a terrible times in the classrooms and later in the amphitheatres of my University. My learning ability has been always severely compromised. I couldn't take anything from lectures. I always had to put a big effort while studying at home in order to keep pace with others. In this CPD we are having a full scan of the human brain investigating the different processes and which parts are engaging. I really fancy having some resources of such an approach to OCD issue and what's wrong with an OCD brain. Regards.
  3. The thing is that I cannot bear it any longer, clomipramine kills panic attacks and also helps a lot obsessive thinking, But you are not really alive, when it's weekend I sleep 15 hours per day, and when I wake up I feel alive, Which means that the only antidote to the meds' side effects is oversleeping, When I go to work I take a huge amount of instant coffee which means more side effects... I can't be a zombie any longer
  4. The big day has come for me, I heard the magic words from therapist's lips "Shall we start decreasing the dose of medicine?" (clomipramine and pregabaline) If you have ever been in medicine you realise of what a big day it is For example when I quit Depakine (Sodium Valrpoate) my life changed is 24 hours to the much better! But now I don't know what is going to happen, I have been taking the clomipramine for more than a decade, Furthermore, my therapist is located in Greece, I now live in London, will this be safe? Have you any relative experience? Thanks in advance!
  5. Greetings to everyone, I suffer from OCD-Panic Attack-Anxiety and I take 2x75mg Clomipramine and 2x75mg Pregabalin daily, Relatively recently a good friend of mine confided in me that my situation is detectable from other people, people around me can actually realise that something is wrong with me, Has anyone ever told you something like that? Do you notice that you are noticeable? If yes how do you feel about this?
  6. Well I have been seeing a shrink since I was 22 but only in Greece, the last two years I live in London so I a see him only when I visit Athens, To be honest I have kept my two best shrinks, one of CBT and a psychanalyst, the psychanalyst only gives importance to my loss
  7. Very good point, the first and most essential principal is to accept that there will be difficult moments of unhappiness, and the trick to overcome them is just to reassure yourself that they will not last long, they gonna disappear automatically as they came to give place to happiness instead...
  8. Greetings, I would like to have your opinions and thoughts on how does an OCD sufferer deal with loss, and more specifically with a parent loss in young age. I have never accepted my father's loss, I was 12 and I still thinking of him every single day. Is it just tenacity, or an essential OCD symptom? Regards
  9. So being an obsessive compulsive disorder sufferer with panic disorder and general anxiety disorder I am capable of therapy with medicine combined with CBT, I can be functional and useful to society thanks to CBT and 150 mg of clomipramine combined with 150 mg of pregabalin daily, But is this the best I can get? Why not being happier? Why not being more functional? Why not achieving more? What an obsessive compulsive turmoil in my head...
  10. What I do is pausing in a try to find the right word and the second most common I do is when I have completed my phrase then make some corrections of tenses, for example if I have used present perfect I correct the past participle of the verb, I am talking about mistakes I never do when I write...
  11. Actually my shrink in Greece (has studied in England as well) told me that it is a matter of anxiety and not pregabalin, well he absolutely has a point because when I speak Greek I don't have such issues. My response to this will be an enrolment to a gym. It is always a massive counter-anxiety dope!
  12. Hi there, I have been living in England the last 1,5 years and when it comes to writing and reading English my skills have been dramatically improved, but when it comes to speaking I have still severe problems. I have been taking 2x75mg of clomipramine and 2x75 of pregabalin for many many years. I can see in drugs.com that they bring confusion and difficulties in concentration separately and even more when combined. Pregabalin can give speech disturbance as well. Any similar issue anyone? Notice that for some periods in the past I had problems on speaking my own language as well. Regards
  13. of course it does, no doubt about that
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