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  1. I have been unsure if I should go back for more Cbt. It’s £40 a session and I worry about the cost but I have found things a struggle. I am reluctant to try a new therapist as that means telling my story over again. The issue is the ocd makes me feel very anxious and run down and I feel I need to talk about it?
  2. My ocd has been quite bad daily most of this year so far everything still relates to the bins? I worried as I dropped my key on the ground, I worried as my partner put rubbish off the wood floor she did seemingly wash her hands before going back for the rest. And some rubbish blew in the garden and I worried who touched it? Also I worried if she never washed her hands before going to the tumble dryer. All these are a daily battle. I have worried much less about dirty laundry I have since purchased a small wash basket to keep it tidy I couldn’t have one before due to worrying I could skim by it. At one point I was throwing shoes away which touched dirty laundry. So what I’m saying I don’t know how I got over worrying less about that. Perhaps bins will trouble me less in the future too? It certainly helps to hear other people’s view point on it because they worry less I worry less. So yes I feel I have made some progress with regards dirty laundry but not so much with bins. If anything my bin ocd is worse I can’t even touch a bin outside to put rubbish in without wanting to wash my hands these days. Other areas of progress are at work the toilets broke down which meant I couldn’t wash my hands if the box had a dirty mark or there is a poo emoji product so now I have to wash them less or only in staff toilets. So some of the changes are forced but I have managed. Im still reluctant to pay for more Cbt right now and also I have been reluctant to fly anywhere and have so far been keen to stick to the train. I have also held back on driving and doing anymore college due but this may not all be ocd perhaps some general anxiety. So yes on one hand progress on the other hand I feel the bins worry is talking over for example I have forgot some of the ocds like the key and other worries like who put the bin are on my kind every day. So I feel a bit frustrated that there is progress on some areas but not in other ones? Also the washing worry eased just by discussing it I never had to do cbt methods. Perhaps the bin worry may just ease away?
  3. Well listen you may remember a few months back I worried about dirty laundry and some hit my shoes I threw them away and that’s how bad it got. The other night a £20 note landed on dirty laundry and I put a pen mark on it and let my partner touch it but rather than worry about every note in circulation I never let it trouble me. Sure touching dirty washing causes me some anxiety but if I brush it lightly or it lands somewhere I no longer worry. So I get what you are saying perhaps in the future bin germs won’t worry me. Let me be clear had it been any other bin I would worry 50% less. What the issue is the plunger I treat this like radiation. Sure it’s plastic, it’s maybe had toilet water and thats all. But my ocd makes a bigger deal out of it. At my old work they had plungers too and I use to worry about the them. To somebody else that piece of plastic means nothing? The ground isn’t contaminated nor is bucket?
  4. Sadly I have been suffering with this for days. I kept quizzing my partner and her mum text me to say she never put bucket out. I still don’t believe her so I asked her to check with the neighbour. I’ve not checked yet but I said if I don’t get clarification I won’t want her mum visiting or I don’t want to touch her parents car door handles as I seen them open then when I got home. It seems drastic but this is where I am. I have beat myself up and said if only I let my partner put the bucket out I would know it was her. By being ocd about it avoiding putting the bucket out as I worried it would touch the car or the shopping it’s made it worse. Sure the neighbour may have put it out but I don’t really believe that right now.
  5. Yes I understand people touch bins and are fine I don’t dispute this. Some people do though. I find the beat way to help my ocd is to use anxiety methods like challenge the probability. I’m sure this is cbt too I can see how rare it is she touched everything or it was even her. But I can’t rule anything out. Perhaps it’s good I don’t know for sure that way I don’t feel that urge to dispose of everything?
  6. Back to the bin issue I never heard the the bin being moved when her mum came over nor did I hear her in the house and I opened the door when she arrived back home yet my ocd says “her mum touched the bin and smeared germs all over the house” I just can’t accept it was the neighbour this is due to the ocd. I have no proof it was her mum but my ocd says otherwise?
  7. My partners birthday is dividing opinion. A year ago I was going to get a footballer for my stag night but bailed last minute. Now I want for a birthday and it’s dividing opinion. I have some live singers on and it was on my bucket list to meet a ex footballer . Should I go ahead?
  8. Yes I over came it but the issue is i either fly or use the subway and a few months or year later worry again and avoid it. I am going to ask about more CBT when I go back to the doctor I had to pay £300 for sessions and feel I should get some help without having to go private. I never felt very accomplished when I did the subway but if I fly I do. Everything has to feel “just right” it’s the booking part I have issues with that causes most of my anxiety. I feel I have been battling the same issues off the past few years.
  9. Thanks I have not decided yet as I am worried about flying so may have to take the train again sadly I am struggling to confront all my fears. I did manage to switch jobs and do the subway last year though.
  10. Yes I mean the biggest issue with my ocd is believing something is forever contaminated. Course on this occasion I don’t want to chap doors to check who moved the bin that’s a bit extreme. My reason for worrying as it had a toilet plunger in the bucket I worry about the toilet germs content. My ocd uses it as an excuse to worry they spread the germs all over my house on every surface course this is highly unlikely but that uncertainty makes me uneasy. I am trying to book a holiday so that’s my distraction. I am trying not to get too worked up about it I was very angry earlier but I have calmed but I am trying not to go into over drive about who done it. Yes I worry about the contents it’s easy for the ocd to go into overdrive just to figure out who touched it. My partner said her mum never touched it I feel bad for not believing her but I find it hard..the ocd doubt. If it was a random neighbour I guess on the content it doesn’t really matter too much I am just worried someone has plastered germs over the house and door handles sounds trivial but that’s what my head says?
  11. One of the neighbours seemingly out my wheelie bin out I am annoyed at this as my partner was going shopping and I never wanted it left outside. The ocd is telling me it was my partners mum and she touched and contaminated the house but from what I heard she was never in the house only outside. This is the ocd train I go on I can’t be sure. Sure if I can’t confirm something or don’t see something it’s some what easier but it makes me feel uneasy knowing the bin was touched and we have no idea who it was I can’t really chap all the neighbours doors to check?
  12. I’ve had a difficult start to the year lots of ocd about dirty laundry bins and door handles becoming off limits. It’s become common for me to not want to touch handles, gates, car doors ect which is annoying as this has been a recent issue. My ocd wasn’t affected in this way before but now touching stuff is difficult. Also at work I often wash my hands 3/4 times per shift.
  13. I want to travel to New York or China or Dubai as I like skyscrapers and big cities but I fear I can’t do it due to long journeys or flying it’s a bit of a barrier for me? Do I have to travel the world or do I accept I am more a homebody who prefers his own home?
  14. You are correct and no I only did this when in therapy and Even when I did I never spent much time on it as felt writing stuff down never worked. Can CBT cure my fear of flying or my worry to what to put on Facebook? Is it all ocd? I have found anytime I tackle a fear I go back to worrying about it days later. I have so many worries perhaps i need to write them down. I would rather have little anxiety but sadly that’s not the case. Often one worry is replaced by a new one?
  15. From what I’ve read there is other treatments but Cbt is the main one. I find cbt easier for anxiety but my ocd I have struggled with. I’m not blaming Cbt but I have tried and struggled. I believe the anxiety is linked to the ocd I always feel I need the anxiety and ocd to “keep me safe” im being honest but stepping outside my comfort zone not too often gives me a sense of relief. My only positive is sometimes I can beat the ocd but not always.
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