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  1. I have battled the solipsism for a while too it’s hard to deal with but I tell myself that if life was only about one person why does punishment exist and why can’t we do what we want and be rich? Often this helps me if I think of this and think how it takes more to believe life isn’t real than it takes to believe it is
  2. Yes I get that but that’s how people without ocd operate. I have an need to be clean I don’t want Bin germs or blocked toilet germs on my items. I prefer stuff to be clean so how can I overcome this need?
  3. I am annoyed as today my mum gave me money and a thought popped into my head that it came from her money Tin and im sure she put it on top of it he wheelie bin where she dumped blocked toilet content. This is how my ocd seems to operate random thoughts from over 4 years can pop into my head as she gives money usually and I don’t think twice.
  4. Anybody have this issue? Whether it be worrying if I am clean or solispism? For example if my partner touches a bin and I don’t see her in wash her hands I instantly worry she hasn’t washed them or the germs spread it I don’t witness it?
  5. A trivial issue I have is at work the toilets got blocked both male and female ones but I worry they use plungers I worry they touch the hand soap and if I touch it transfer the germs to my phone? The risk is when I unblock toilets at home I se old soap I don’t use hand soap to transfer germs? It bothers me less as I can’t see it happening but enough to make me feel uneasy? I had washed my hands when I got home but I still worry the germs could be on me I mean toilets may get blocked in say pubs or malls but I don’t see how they wash there hands?
  6. Yes I understand but I could continue as I am as a way forward I am not saying that’s the solution but it’s very hard to do exposure cbt .
  7. One issue I’ve had for a few months now is I won’t go on my parents car reason is they parked close to the green bin so I worried about the toilet germs the passenger door was swung open I mean the other sides of the door are fine but I still refuse to go on the car and I fear I will need to wash my hands each time. How can I tackle this worry the ocd says touch the handle and bin germs will be there?
  8. Since I got my new phone I have worried about six times. Tonight I worried I had not been to the toilet all day and my backside had a slight strain so I worried my phone has poop on it as it was in my pocket with my wallet too. It’s difficult to control these issues as I could buy a new phone and it could happen again. It probably has happened before but my ocd is sensitive as I have a new item. My ocd has went on the journey how everything I touch after my phone could have poop germs?
  9. It’s very hard to see clearly. Contaminating doesn’t help as I just end up wanting to replace. The iPad hit the table today and the urge to replace came. I replaced my SIM card 3 times. The issue is I believe what ocd is saying yes sometimes I ignore it but sadly various times in a day I believe what Ocd is saying. It feels real and the contamination seems real. I am finding it hard to accept the toilet paper crum hasn’t contaminated the table. Problem is no matter what the subject is it’s always something new.
  10. My ocd has been playing up again. A tiny piece of used toilet paper I kicked it in the bathroom and i put my foot on the table my fear is germs have spread the coffee table has drawers so I worry the contents are dirty. I already feared the table is dirty and never replaced it after my mum done a wash at her house and never washed her hands and touched the table. Could the contents of the drawer be dirty? The contents being my keys wallet and iPad
  11. I am constantly getting false mental images of new items I’m ordering online coming near the bins before I get them. Or I worry someone has touched the bins then door handles and so on how can I think more clearly?
  12. I feel my ocd is at is worst. Today I went from worrying I touched bins false thoughts to worrying I went close to a towel when I wiped my backside to worrying I pooped myself, a bin bag touching me at work and my mum not washing her hands after going to the toilet and touching my door handle and light switch. That at is my day basically each day is a struggle right now. Things have got much worse. I didn’t think it could get much worse but sadly each day is a real battle right now My day wasn’t done yet my partner went to the bins I seen her wash her hands but the front door was locked so I worried when this was done and worry the handle is contaminated again this is how bad my ocd is right now
  13. Yes I understand about packages not being clean I mean once it arrived I forgot about it. The SIM card is a strange one as she touched my phone in the past after being at the bin and washing her hands. She also touched my other technology like PlayStation. Now I don’t worry if i go to the bin I shower. So yes why am I so focused on the SIM card when she touches other stuff door handles and tech without worry? I mentioned before my mind has a bad habit of latching onto certain worries. I touched her phone and my wallet the other day and I worried and then I touched the SIM card tonight to my iPod and worried. So my questions: Why does my mind focus on one issue often similar situations which I don’t worry over? and why does some worries leave my mind quicker than others which linger longer?
  14. I am still struggling with bin germs worries. My partner touched a SIM card after she had been to the bin she had washed her hands but I ended up buying a new one and I'm too scared to used that too. I get a parcel today from Hermes and I worry it's been in a bin as this courier is common for putting items in bin how can I be sure it's clean on arrival?
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