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  1. I understand it now thank you! And that makes more sense, I am getting help yes
  2. Thank you Gemma So say I had a thought about a chair being contaminated which prevented me from sitting on it, then going over to it and seeing it was covered in blood, then thinking it was a good job I didn't sit down on that without checking it!... or is that not right? A lot of my thoughts do consist of things like that recently. I mean in size yes, it's like my surroundings are so familiar they almost don't feel right, it's hard to explain... like they're not normal and I don't know what they are anymore.
  3. Hi, this is my first post on here so a little nervous.. I've been reading people's posts about different things and have come across something called confirmation bias. Could anybody tell me more about this please and if I'm experiencing it? It's as if I am looking around, looking for danger, just waiting for something to happen. I'll just be sat at home and it's like everything feels big and like i'm not even in my own home. What is this and does anybody else get it or know what I mean? Thank you
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