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  1. Thanks dksea. ... just read brain lock.... really helped me knowing how the brain is malfunctioning and the science behind ocd. ... the way schwartz explains the process of how the 4 steps works makes good sense. It's really encouraging hearing it worked for you.... definitely giving it a really good go.... and yes 'handy' rj is real tough going..... for me and my bf too.....x
  2. I have heard good things about silvercloud.... and yes that's just it.... human contact and also the encouragement to keep doing the exercises.... knowing someone is going to check/read it would make it much more likely that I would continue to do the work .... even if I start to feel in a bit of a funky n not really have any motivation. If possible next time I'm home in the UK I will see if my gp can refer me.... Thanks so much for your reply x
  3. That's great polar bear. ... I never thought of erp like that..... I will definitely keep that in mind and get cracking watching romcoms! Great help thank you so much x
  4. Thanks gingerbread girl..... sounds a good plan..... I will start making a heirachy and work on the least affecting. Tbh mental movies are really tough.... not sure what to do to become unaffected by these.... maybe just bring it on n just try to refocus on another task/action unrelated n see if they disapate? ??? Really good suggestions though.... thank you x
  5. I know the term pure O is a bit incorrect but as someone who has constant intrusive thoughts of a 'retroactive jealousy' (thoughts regarding a partners past relationships) I am stuck as to what I can do for exposure..... ? My triggers can be anything from hearing a name to reference to a place, films with any kind of romance or sexual act in or even old photos.... these triggers will lead to constant 'figuring out' or mental movies and an immense need to ask my partner question after question and the need for reassurance. If anyone has had any kind of cbt/exposure therapy which may help me I would be REALLY grateful
  6. Hi, I have had ocd for 34 years but am now determined to make every effort to recover.... im living in france untill next year when i will be back in the uk but want to make a start on helping myself....does anyone know of a good online cbt course which might help???
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