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  1. no worries I understood what you meant, it's definitely true that I've brought the OCD with me and found a new fixation but it is a better one I think I feel more ready to try and fight it here with many less triggers directly affecting me
  2. I may have not been clear I have felt much better since I moved out this was just a hard day and I didn't ask him how he was doing he asked me, my therapist has said they thought it was a good decision wether or not it was a bit compulsive, I did it cause I needed a safe space to deal with my problems without performing more damaging compulsions
  3. so a bit of context I had to move out of my house because my ocd was so bad feeling very strong hyper responsibility of a flatmate going through a depressive episode. I couldn't tolerate not knowing if he'd be "ok" despite his reassurances, I realised it was better for both of us if I had a safe space. Yesterday I talked to him for the first time since then, I was very anxious before and after but he says he's doing a lot better. So I should feel better at least a little but somehow I've just shifted to worrying about if he secretly hates me for all this (or resents me for finding out so much) I'm promising myself not to overextend my own mental abilities just to make him not feel like I'm ok but I'm worried about distancing myself (I'm aware it's an intrusive thought to worry someone hates me without any evidence but still). Should I apply the same logic of normal tendencies that I should accept he could hate me or is that worse, will things get better with time as the distancing takes place? I don't entirely know what I'm asking my OCD has just been quite unbearable today and I don't know how to stop it
  4. I have started trying something new recently and it's sorta working but every now and again I get a trigger and am just so anxious for like two or three days
  5. my triggers come from a housemate having a lot of trouble themselves as previously mentioned. Recently I haven't had anything to trigger my anxiety (except for yesterday) but I have felt this constant OCD about my housemate and my fears and anxieties which isn't really so tangible more of just a constant feeling with the same few thoughts coming up every now and again. I'm curious if others find their OCD can present itself in such a way and if so is there any good coping mechanisms besides the obvious distract yourself?
  6. yeah that's pretty much the trigger, thanks for the advice I'm trying my best to reign in my compulsion to check and tell myself he was never my responsibility
  7. So I mentioned in another post that the thing that's really triggering my OCD is my flatmate, he has been having a tough time lately but seems like he's getting better. He's aware of my OCD and I'm worried that when my impulses to check on him get the better of me that he's feeling alienated and he might misunderstand me doing something normal as me checking on him. I know that worry in itself is me obsessing but I just don't wanna make things worse for him, I also feel bad leaving him on his own even though I could do it fine before I was properly worried. Basically is it possible reign in my OCD when I hear stuff which is probably nothing and trust him to be ok on his own or is that just something I have to get used to while I wait for CBT
  8. oh ok I was using this definition from a help site Doubters and sinners are afraid that if everything isn’t perfect or done just right something terrible will happen, or they will be punished. I am booked into cbt just wondering if there's anything I can do in the meantime since it's three months
  9. Hi I'm a newly diagnosed doubter (at least I think that's the category I'm closest to) and was wondering what strategies people use to quell their doubts. It's an emotional thing so I'm worried I've hurt someone close to me if I do something and also if I don't do something. I'm trying to come to terms with that I really can't do anything and that my doubts are making things worse, point is is there any strategies similar doubter/those who worry they're hurting those around them with everything they do people have used in the past which have been super effective? I'm getting my self help stuf through soon but thought people with similar experience may be better at understanding this branch of OCD
  10. thanks, I know in my heart that's what I have to do, I have to let go of the obsession and allow them to make their own choice I'm just finding that part really hard. Letting go of someone when they're in this difficult state has proven to be one of the hardest things of all but you're right it's the only option I have it's just seeing them so much is it's own trigger and one I can't openly freak out about
  11. so i was recently diagnosed with OCD and have been booked into some CBT, I'm waiting for my appointment now which is three months away. I'm trying my best to learn to cope but am having a really hard time as the big source of my OCD which is what helped it come to light is a person I live with. He's been having a hard time himself and after a particularly bad day and experience it's got me obsessing over the worst possible outcomes for him and the worries that come with that. The problem is I see him all the time so lack a safe space where I don't feel responsible, when I'm not around him in the house I'm obsessing over wether he feels lonely or is having dark thoughts and when I am with him I'm obsessing over wether I'm being to coddly and making him feel alienated. All in all I know I've done everything I could to help him by suggesting therapy (which he won't take) and making sure he knows I'm here but convincing myself of this is really hard and I find myself obsessing over the situation at all times, so really what I'm asking is has anyone had a similar situation where they have a issue they can't resolve but have to see commonly and who did they cope with this situation and come to terms with it. thanks
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