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  1. I am happy to say I have been - largely - OCD free for the best part of a decade now, having suffered badly for the decade before that. So I haven't been on these forums in a long time. Couldn't even remember my login details. I still still support OCD-UK with a small monthly donation, as the site and forums helped me through some tough times, and I hope they exist for many years to come to help others. As a sufferer/"former" sufferer (it never really goes away) - mainstream news articles on the subject always catch my eye. As did this one by the BBC, last week. My blood ran cold reading it. What a truly horrific experience this person has had. It made me sad, scared, angry. I had to register an account here as I felt compelled to share my outrage and horror. Thank goodness for the journalist at the BBC who wrote this. The bravery and strength of the sufferer and his wife. So much progress has been made, but we have so, so far to go. My thanks to 'closed for repairs' for beating me to it and starting this important thread. And thanks to the BBC not just for commissioning the piece but for putting it on the homepage of BBC News. It helps set the record straight and - despite sharing the horror of what happened - the articles places the OCD attack and response in context and shows that the system of support needs to, can, and MUST understand and respond accordingly to OCD. I hope other sufferers reading the piece won't be put off seeking help when their OCD targets them with the most taboo of attacks and instead realise that, whilst mistakes can happen, those who understand and treat OCD know the true nature of the condition and the torment of these most abhorrent and intrusive thoughts.
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