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  1. I'm working my way up to Mace( don't check the) Windu
  2. Well someone has to say it If it seems like OCD it probably is.
  3. Rubbish. Life doesn't automatically come with meaning, you have to create it look for it. It need not be a great calling or purpose, it might just be putting one foot in front of the other and seeing what's round the corner. It was freezing cold last night, but the sky was beautiful. I've got some snowdrops coming up, some one showed me a video of Kermit the frog playing the banjo with Steve Martin. You have to take your pleasures where you can find them, but they are there to be found.
  4. Really! I mean yes, no one on here has posted about sending videos, to YOUR sister, but come on the forum is full of threads by folks who think they are a massive pervert due to some inconsequential, event, and NONE of them ever think it's OCD. But even if you did manage to come up with something new, I don't know, say you planned to rob a bank using trained lobsters and a sex aid, It's the fact that you are worrying about it that's the problem not that you imagined it.
  5. Fake it till you make it, is quite good. Probably the best advice though, was "I think you should stop doing that, and think about getting some help"
  6. No it's getting ******, and doing stupid things, or in your case almost doing stupid things. The OCD bit it is all the worrying you are doing. Look I'm not saying getting drunk and doing daft stuff is ok, but it's the getting drunk bit that's the problem. But I think you know that, Like you know that it hadn't been helping with problems just blotting them out, (and some times that's what we do it for). By the way and this is just my personal opinion, the idea that the personality you have when drunk is in some way "the real you" is cobblers! I mean it may reduce inhibitions but it also mucks up your brain. It's no more the real you than if some one hit you with a baseball bat. The real you is who you chose to be!
  7. I doubt it. But it's not the biggest forum in the world, and Monday morning, is busy for those who work, and I expect the overseas, contingent are in bed , not to mention those of us who sometimes, are in no condition to do anything.
  8. From an OCD point of view; its a typical “reasonable concern, probably be fine, no definitive answer “ problem you have no doubt Googled and found the stuff about Disney not having specific limits, the fact that some rides may be awkward depending on the restraints, the staff are there to help with this, and people still had a good time. This is as far as most people will go! Honest! They see the first few results and say “ probably be fine, “ then get distracted by an advert and buy a new hat, camera, bag, etc. Thats as far as I got as I could feel the pull of the rabbit hole.... ” but that’s only Disney!....” ” Maybe it’s not the whole story!…” ”What if I think of the worst possible scenario and google that!” Etc etc etc. My OCD was getting going on this, so I sympathise with how you feel. This is the right advice! If you're going to make assumptions you may as well make positive ones! I'm sure you will have a great time.
  9. Ooooh fancy Closed has opted for Merlin "action" trousers teamed with a "company" t shirt in Navy, Paired with a regatta, hi Vis long line coat accessorised, with red and black grease, sump oil, and something that know one is sure what it is but may be disolving the material! Finishing the ensemble, he is wearing, DeWalt titanium boots with a big hole in them where he dropped a sheet of steel!
  10. You don't sound ridiculous, you sound like you have OCD, and that's not your fault! And as for embarrassing! Hold my pint! I've done stuff ten times worse than that and it hasn't had anything to do with OCD! Any way we have all been there, and some of us are still there! I'm not going to give you any advice because the stuff given is top notch, but wish you good luck!
  11. I'm ERPing, at the moment, just call me Wyatt! Trouble is I've got to see this one through the weekend! In vearing between easy peasy, and doom and gloom, also it's tweaking all my other compusions. Plus I'm coming up with new ones! (I'm going for an "experiment "to see what happens is I don't check, following up some A/B, work and a pie chart of responsibility) Good luck everyone one doing Their homework!
  12. If it wasn't for Screwfix, I'd be in my underwear! I was quite surprised to find you could buy clothes from shops that weren't builders merchants, I might even give them a go, I fancy myself an Armarni Hi Vis!
  13. Hobbies, are great, it’s an answer to the question, “ what am I going to do with my time now I’m not doing compulsions?” Obviously OCD can ruin them the same way it ruins every thing, and you start to attach to much importance to them, but basically hobbies are good! Ive let my veg patch go last year and need to get it in shape. Im trying to do more crosswords. I want to do more cooking. I want to learn about electronics/ aurdinos/ raspberry pi! but if I don’t its no big deal it’s a hobby not my job.
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