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  1. Im watching the squirrels running back and forth along our fence.
  2. Not to mention there is a thriving fan and cosplay community!
  3. By the way, I bet lots of us have had a bit of a suicide plan, But I found the good omens book at least pretty life enhancing!
  4. I've not seen the show but enjoyed the book a few years ago, and read lots of Prattchet, and Gainman, This is probably going to come off as reassurance, and I ought to be telling you to write the most blasphemous stuff you can.... But... Tennant's character is a demon but in the world of the books Desmond are fallen angels, and he is a much more complex character than simply evil, there is some resent and we are invited to some what feel compassion for him, seems pretty moral to me in a love the sinner hate the sin way. Both of the writers have written thought provoking works on religion, but in my interpretation seem on the side of "good" even if that some times is not what various religious people think. At the end of the day it's all story and metaphor, and there is enough of that in the world's religious texts.
  5. Yeah we all feel like that some times, Good news OCD is surprisingly common, Bad news OCD is surprisingly common. Any way you are not alone.
  6. Also remember, when people with out OCD say they wash their hands they mean; When they remember When it's convenient They have waved a hand under a tap and then wiped it down the back of their trousers!
  7. Bloody hell that sounds terrifying! That would be so far out of my comfort zone, I'd need to take a train to get back to it!
  8. It's not really doing the opposite, it's just admitting to your self that you can never be 100per cent sure, and that degree of doubt is fine. For example I can't be totally sure that I'm not going to put this phone down and go on a mad killing spree, I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen but it's not physically impossible., But I'm fine with that. What upsets me is the chance that I've left something switched on and it's going to cause a fire, the guy I work with shrugs and says "so what" But I need absolute proof, so I have a phone full of pictures of switches and keys and stuff. It's all the same thing
  9. Been on fluoxetine, for about a year, not a very high dose, main side affect is ringing in my ears, and that may be normal tinnitus, (years of motorbikes, and noisy plant rooms). I'm not convinced it's doing much, but I'm definitely more "stable" than I was, I think it helps me cope with the CBT, stuff.
  10. Yes it's becoming a problem, I've got hundreds of pictures of keys and switches, and they don't stop me from worrying so I do them again, classic compulsion!
  11. I'm sure lots of us are worried by this, and I'm sure it's triggering some peoples OCD, But let's face it OCD doesn't work on a rational basis, so mine is going mad about the fact that everyone is using tissues,(instead of just sneezing) and the bins are full of tissues, and it's a fire risk, I'm determined not to go round emptying every ones bins, but it's hard!
  12. I mean he stashed his grinder in his own garden!... By the way don't go looking for trouble, the parents know, let them deal with it, I think you should be aiming for slightly concerned amusement!
  13. Yeah I'm pretty sure nextdoor will find out about the pot party, with out you, teenage boys are nowhere near as clever and they think they are, they probably posted it on Facebook, or something.
  14. And let's be fair you are not very good at being bad, if what you are worried about is eating some crumbs and compromising your vegan purity, you can always start again. You are not exactly Hannibal Lector, material!
  15. You know what I'm not going for the usual, you can't be sure advice, and say .. You had been drinking heavily, and nearby had a bad accident, Was it the booze?, Well in this case we may as well say yes, Yes it was the drink and you got away with it , you have been given a second chance, don't screw it up, with self pity. You have decided to give up drinking, good, it s obviously a problem. How do you forgive yourself, by taking advantage of the chance you have been given, and living your best life. You have made a mistake and now you have the chance to learn from it. Good luck
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