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  1. Oh my, snowbear! Finally a name I remember, hoping you are well my love and still writing?! Xx
  2. Mine is ‘itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini’ 🙄🙊
  3. Thanks PolarBear, Yes Lollipop it is so incredibly hard especially when ‘wash your hands’ is the advice and I’ve spent 9 years telling myself I don’t need to wash my hands. So far I haven’t done anything different but I’ve thought about nothing else and am exhausted by it.
  4. Hey everyone, I’m feeling so incredibly low today, (brief background. I’ve had OCD for 20 years, I was a frequent user of the forum many years ago, until I became well enough to live again. My OCD is overall 95% under control.) I guess I’m living in that 5% at the moment. I have in the past few weeks found myself continuously googling coronavirus (sorry I know another thread was closed but this isn’t discussing the virus as such but my obsessions)I not worried for myself, the contamination fears were never really about me but I am very worried about my Daughter who suffers with asthma. The advice from officials is ‘wash your hands’ now I’m sure that is good advice for many people but to me it goes against everything I have worked on in the past 9 years. I’m beginning to not know what is sensible and what is obsession (a place I’ve been too many to,es in the past). Now I’m not here for reassurance, I know I don’t need that. I think I just needed somewhere to offload this before I spiral into the depths. I just feel a bit broken today Thanks for reading Flower girl (I was 12 years younger when I chose that name...maybe now I’m flower old gal! 😉)
  5. This is a classic OCD scenario. A friend of mine used to say write the headlines with your ocd worries and you realise it just doesn’t happen like that. For example... ‘man contracts disease through stepping in blood bringing it into his house dropping his keys and picking them up’ thats not how it happens. pick up the keys, distract yourself through that awful feeling.
  6. This is really unhelpful and just feeding Bodge’s anxiety. Distract yourself through the horrible feelings and wait for it to pass Bodge, as I said go back to the facts we don’t contract things the way your brain is wanting you to think or we would almost all be infected. You need reassurance because you have OCD not for any other reason.
  7. Bodge, You state you have not had unprotected sex or used drugs so use the facts. What evidence do you have that you have contracted anything? OCD is playing tricks on you and it will continue to do so until you challenge it. I know you are scared but it’s OCD making you feel that way not anything else.
  8. Hi Elsalauren, The biggest thing I picked up on from your post is where you wrote ‘I focus on them’ so maybe instead of focusing on those horrible embarrassing thoughts, distract yourself, do something you really have to concentrate on until that nasty feeling subsides and when it returns (because they always return) distract again.
  9. Hi Lucy, Please go to see you GP. I understand completely that you may find it hard to be in the waiting room, maybe you could tell the receptionist that on the phone and ask if there is some way you could wait outside until your appointment? Maybe you could take someone and they could wait in the waiting room then let you know when it’s your appointment? I know this is avoidance but I think it’s important to get your eyes checked.
  10. Hi Jumbo, Firstly, it doesn’t matter if it was blood that you saw/stood in on the floor, do you think the other passengers of the bus are worried that they stood in blood? I can tell you that they’re not. I really feel for you and how much stress and anxiety it is causing you, believe me I have been there. I urge you to go back to your drs, maybe try another medication or ask for more help. Tell them that cbt hasn't worked for you, don’t give up on yourself you deserve to be well andyou can be well!
  11. So here I am again, some 12 years since my OCD kicked off, 4 years since I first felt I was able to cope with life, sitting on a plastic bag with my latex gloves on crying and shaking all because my husband has a sickness bug. Of course the lovely caring wife I am has just shouted at him for being sick, for washing his hands wrong, then come the endless questions of where was he sick, what did he touch, did he kiss the kids before bed. The poor bloke is ill and all I can do is go on at him. I know this will pass but now, right now I'm a horrible person, I hate this person
  12. I am a contamination ocd sufferer and am sat upstairs feeling really scared as my husband is downstairs feeling really poorly, frustrated that I can't be supportive and see if he is ok, rather than wish he would just go somewhere else I sound so horrible but I'm so scared he may pass a bug on to my children - wishing to just get through the night stress free why is everything always worse at night!
  13. watching london marathon just saw the ocduk sail on the bridge :o) gone are the days when all we had was a tshirt and mine and Ruths big gobs!

    1. Sun


      just seen that too as the elite women ran past...so glad the sun is out ;)

  14. Awww to my rescue thank you so much for replying. I hope I am doing it leg, only cleaned actual yucky things trying to distract myself, simply riding the storm! I will do this, OCD will upset me, but I will win! (I hope) As for this (null) thing I have NO idea???!!! Erm Ashley.... (null)
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