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  1. I can completely relate to that....I just keep telling myself to take one day at a time and not to over react in my head or make rabbit trails....easier said than done though.
  2. Don't listen to the ocd, and don't let it rob you of precious time with your Granddaughter. They are thoughts, nothing more. X
  3. Sorry Jumbo just read your most recent post on this thread....your experience at the doctor's is completely wrong .. I'd make an appointment with another one, the doctor you saw is clearly in the wrong profession Hope you are ok x
  4. So glad to read you have won a battle with ocd and have eaten... Each battle you win, big or small, is one more step towards beating it. Well done you xxx
  5. Hi ...yes I have had this theme. I used to spend a long time driving round to check I hadn't run anyone over or caused an accident. I had cbt and I was told to drive more and ignore the thoughts. I find it alot easier now but still maybe check about once every couple of months... which is better than every day!! It is doable xxxx
  6. Hi Jumbo I'm so sorry to hear you don't have any support as you don't feel like you can tell family....but we are all here 😊 Ocd is robbing you of your life.....I would say definitely order yourself a massive pizza and think stuff you OCD....you are not going to deprive me of anymore of my life. I know it's hard....but try to remember the things you are afraid of aren't the real issue...your brain is mis firing and ringing false alarm bells....there is no real danger...only the danger of your life not being led in a way that you deserve. Keep fighting it....just a little bit at a time xxx
  7. Thank you Polar Bear for your comments and reply....just when I get over one OCD worry another one comes alone ..it's exhausting..I'll work on letting it go x
  8. You can do it Jumbo...OCD is lying to you....the things you are scared of aren't the issue...the issue is that you have a worrying problem in OCD. Helps me to look at it like that but as I said I know it's not easy. Maybe set yourself little goals to do...like just go for a little walk outside at first. Xx
  9. Sorry Jumbo I've only just seen this post. I hope you have managed to go back home. Your neighbours will see you as a caring person so I wouldn't worry about that. And the wrapper is fine....the trouble is the worrying not the content of the worrying. I know I'm a fine one to talk as we seem very similar...but try to look at it as the OCD bully is lying to you . Hope you are ok x
  10. Thank you all so so much....your comments have helped me get my brain back in gear and start to feel less panicky xxxx
  11. Thank you Jumbo x . Was so pleased about beginning to feel better about my hiv worries and then it hits me with this....I guess that's ocd!
  12. Thank you both very much. I guess I find it difficult to make the decision to 'let it go' when I'm dealing with someone else's child who I'm worried is infected. I feel like I'm making decisions I don't want to make (as in does something need to be done about this or is it just OCD). Has anyone else had that problem?? Thank you for your replies ..they have helped a lot xxxx
  13. Hi all. So I'm making my piece with hiv fears as it's so hard to catch....but I'm now worried about hepititis. I'm worried that what if there is blood on a tap from a lady who had just wiped herself in time of month (in the toilet) and then a friend's daughter who had cut herself then touches the tap when round at my house. The lady has had unprotected sex but have no reason to think she's positive. Is there a hepititis risk?? I know HIV doesn't live long outside of the body but hepititis is different. Am I a bad person if I do nothing....feel I should say something to make sure my friends daughter is ok...but surely if it was that easy to catch it would be everywhere?? Please if anyone could tell me if this is ocd or not x
  14. Hi all....I shared this link a few years ago but thought it was worth re sharing. I have found it very useful over the years, and it covers quite a lot of OCD themes. Hope it helps anyone who might need to read it xxxx https://www.anxieties.com/ocd-four.php#.XWgr5Xp4WK3
  15. https://www.anxieties.com/ocd-four.php#.XWgr5Xp4WK3 Here is the link ...hope the link works as I'm a techno div...but please read it to the end xx
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