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  1. Thanks to you too. Hope you manage to find some calm for your mind too. Here if you ever need a chat with someone who gets it. Night
  2. Might try this morning then. I don’t live with mine either, I’ve just noticed when I talk to them about it all I feel like not OCD is right. Yeah they deffo are, we’re all cooped up together aren’t we. Completely out of the norm. Think I’m going to focus in just being kind to myself, that seems to help take the pressure off, and meditation and mindfulness helps too.
  3. Well that sounds helpful for you. I’ve started asking what’s normal, can only ask my partner though because my mum and brother have a form of OCD too, so I’ve got no hope lol. It’s a big trigger for me too, contamination has always been one of my things. I’ve decided to stay away from the news and social media and that’s helped so maybe that would help you too a little? The media want you to be scared, and they’re behind most of it.
  4. Wow that sounds stressful. Have you had it long? Yeah I’ve realised that now, I was using OCD as a coping strategy. Well not using it Cos I didn’t really get a choice, but I’ve realised I need to actively find a different way of coping instead of letting it take over.
  5. Yeah it does. It’s nice to know it’s not just you isn’t it. Does the worry time really help? I feel like it would just set me off for the day lol.
  6. Feels horrible doesn’t it though ecomum. Honestly feel like such a pain. Do you have kids too?
  7. My partner does though. Living with me is hard and I understand that, but I am honestly trying and I genuinely can’t help it. I hate saying my OCD things, I apologise straight away but it doesn’t feel like it’s enough anymore. Sorry to bother you with this by the way, I know everyone already feels rubbish as it is.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Right now not being like this is really hard. Even if my hand just brushes something that I think might have germs on I have to immediately wash them, I was really trying today as well. I have washed less but it’s more the fact that i feel annoying that’s making me feel rubbish at the minute.
  9. Anyone else’s partners or family getting annoyed with them and their OCD? Mine does, I know I’m annoying and I do apologise but they said they don’t want to speak to me now. It just makes me hate myself even more. I keep asking them to wash their hands if they’ve been outside to the bin and touched the outside door handle (I feel like there’s more germs on that due to coming in after going shopping etc) I have cleaned it but I feel like the cleaning isn’t really killing the germs. I’m either really stressed or really sad and just cry. Sorry if I’ve brought anyone down. I just literally have no where to turn right now.
  10. Thanks for the advice snowbear! I’ll give it a go, I’ve been trying to do some meditation on headspace and that seems to be helping a little.
  11. Thanks guys, it really helps to speak to people who get it. It’s so disheartening as I really managed to combat it in the last year or so, and now it’s like I’ve massively relapsed. Contamination stresses me out. I know that self love and self care are the way forward but right now I darent get comfortable or happy or relaxed Cos of what’s going on. I literally can’t focus on anything else, it’s like being in this OCD bubble is what makes me cope. Even though I’m not 🤔 lol. I will keep posting though and hope you will too. Be nice if we could try get through this hell together. thank you Ashley and cub! You know just what to say!
  12. I’m new to this forum, but am looking for people that Understand my stresses. I’ve had OCD since I was about 10, I’m now almost 29. It started with an ecoli poster on a toilet door at school and said to wash your hands or you will get it. Anyway, that’s irrelevant, Coronavirus is stressing me out. I feel like I have to be stressed about it because if I relax or I’m happy then i will get it. I’m washing my hands a million times a day. Crying a lot. Snapping at everyone and getting them to wash their hands too. I just feel like I’m not coping right now and I can’t be nice to myself Cos if I am I deserve to get it or something. My heads a bit of a shed to say the least lol. I don’t really know what I want from this post... maybe just someone that gets it. Everyone else is getting annoyed with me.
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