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  1. Thanks. I'll try to embrace what you said tomorrow at work. I haven't had any therapy for my anxiety. I've had it since age 15/16. Only when I was 23 I realised I had it and from there I was on medication but I've come off many times because I love and hate citalopram. The Dr did send me to our local mental health clinic for CBT but after 2 sessions I left. It felt really basic and just was a waste of time so I stopped going. I always thought maybe I should pay instead but I have no idea who to trust. Everyone seems to be an expert out there and they charge a lot.
  2. Hello all. I'll try keep this brief. I suffer from panic attacks. Used to take Citalopram but stopped because of the side effects so I've recently discovered St Johns Wort at the lowest dose before night helps me for the next day. I recently started a new job and I get this everytime I start a new place but there's so many things for me to learn and things I don't know. I'm constantly worried, stressing thinking about how I'm going to do all of this. My OCD has seemed to kick in a lot as well since I had a fever and I just kept thinking certain thoughts over and over again and it just did my head in. I'm starting to get a bit better but its really annoying. I think when I'm under extreme stress my body does this and I don't know why. I wish I could just get on with things and be more confident. I always put myself down. I know everyone in my team is a lot smarter than me but I just keep making my self feel even worse. Any advice would be great. It's tough as well considering the social distancing we are dealing with as well and being confined inside with ones thoughts. Thanks.
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