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  1. The thing is that infertility rates are declining rapidly and no one knows why. It basically corelates with the increase in mobile phone usage, but I don't care anymore I give up. I literally am so sick of everything, it's exhausting.
  2. Possibly, but the studies are very convinving. I think I should be more responsible because most people won't be aware of the harm they are doing, whereas I would know.
  3. I have had this thing with cell phones, there have been a few scientific studies showing that phones cause infertility. I would accept the risk, but I don't want to make other people infertile because of me using a phone (The radio waves reach other people as well as the user). I've been dealing with this since February, and I wasn't using a phone (Or any other technology) for weeks out of fear that I'd harm my family by turning it on. I had no friends, I talked to no one but the people in my house (and in lockdown, that is horrible). I got over it but this month I've been worrying about it ag
  4. I used to think I was gay, for two years (until I was 15) I was very convinced I only liked the same sex. I have since realised that isn't the case, however something I did back then really worries me. Basically, I think the feeling of acting feminine turned me on I guess, and that coupled with the fact that I did experiance same sex attraction (and ignored the hetrosexual attraction) led me to believe I was gay. My freinds at that time where very supportive and very accepting. I can't remember if it was my idea or theirs but we had the idea that I shouuld try makeup, so I went to their house
  5. Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I have stopped doing that but I’m looking for advice on how to deal with the guilt.
  6. I have a crush, been about 4 years now. We used to be friends but now we don’t really keep in touch. I have her added on Snapchat and she has her location enabled on snap map (for anyone who doesn’t know what that is, it is a map on Snapchat which shows where everyone you are friends with are, and when the where last active. It became a habit of checking her account on the map. I don’t know why, I was just interested and kept on checking it. I feel like a creep.
  7. I haven't spoken to him in a month or so, we weren't very close but we knew each other since childhood. I just don't know if what I've done is bad or not.
  8. I've recently started Collage however I didn't have many friends at the start and I was very lonely. I began to talk to my freind's crush (My freind didn't go to that collage, he's went to join the military) and me and her began to speak a lot. Me and my freinds crush talk to each other basically every day but the problem is this, the way I speak to people I want to get to know is by joking and laughing, which I also do when I flirt. But there is a big difference, and I did flirt with his crush. I don't know if I'm in the wrong, he had found her attractive for years but never really acted
  9. I still done it though, I still done them things and I definitely did find her attractive. I could have been a big carried away with myself but I don’t think that’s much of a excuse.
  10. It wasn't, I was laughing with them and didn't have a care in the world. OCD wasn't on my mind.
  11. I was on a discord call with my friends and we where playing minecraft. There is a girl we play with who I like. Someone started to play a erectile disfunction advert as a joke, and when the advert mentioned something about the size of the penis (or something like that) I remember making a noise or comment about it in order to impress the girl. Later on someone asked me if I can have sex (I have a disorder which many people thinks limits my sexual ability) and I said yes, but I feel like I only answered because I again wanted to ‘impress’ the girl. They are other things as well like I would fo
  12. I can see how that is true, I think it just dosen't sit right with me that I did that.
  13. sorry, I didn't know what else to title it. I didn't mean to be offensive or insensitive. I know I probarly won't find a answer but I can't just accept the fact that I may have (at the least) sexually harrased someone.
  14. Basically when I was 13-14 I had this freind. We where very close and we both had a dark/sexual sense of humour. One day I was on a video call with her. I said that I had to go (or something like that) and switched off my webcam. I then made a masturbation noise with my hands, for a minute or two. I heard her laughing and calling my name. I then switched back on the webcam and I think that I pretended like I didn't know that she had heard me supposedly masturbating. I have no idea why I did this, I went through phases of thinking I was attracted to her but right now I am not in the slightest.
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